Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Keeping It Upbeat

Every family can fall into times of crankiness, criticism, and pettiness. I remember a time when Jim and I felt like family picnics were just tension builders for us, always trying to keep the conversation upbeat and away from gossip and criticism. Memorial Day was coming up and we didn’t want to endure that again, so what to do?

Jim came up with a great idea: include someone from outside the family circle in the crowd! We chose a couple whose grown kids lived in another city. The husband has a jolly gruffness and the wife a cheerful laugh, in addition to her being a tremendous cook and hostess. They came over and joined in our family fun—and it was fun!

Our family thoroughly enjoyed being with them and hearing their stories instead of the ones we’ve heard before. It changed the whole dynamic by just adding two more people!

The idea was so simple and so easy.
Our upbeat family!

How have you gotten over these kinds of problems at your family get togethers? Let me know by commenting below or send me an email here.

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