Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rewarding Hospitality, Part 3

In Rewarding Hospitality part 1 and part 2, I intimated that you might have to wait 50 years to be rewarded for the service you do around your table. Well, that’s not true. I just want to be sure, we practice hospitality because it’s right and good and God mandated, not because we are expecting rewards. In fact, I have worn furniture, broken dishes, dirty carpets, and even missing toys as a result of hospitality! But it does have rewards, and some of them come immediately:

Making friends—this should be pretty obvious. If you have someone over to your house whom you don’t know very well, you are going to know them better after spending a couple of hours with them.

  Seeing others grow—once again my mom is my example here. There was a young man who grew up on the mission field who had attended our church a couple of times sporadically. She wanted to have him over for dinner so she started inviting him. He wasn't real interested in going to church at that point in his life and made excuses Sunday after Sunday. But her persistence paid off. He declined many times until he was so embarrassed he finally went!  He says that evidence of love and hospitality had a tremendous impact on him. Just an invitation started all that!

  Networking—When you have someone new over along with someone, well, not necessarily old, but who’s from the area or your church, they might discover they have similar interests, or can help each other in some way. And you had a hand in getting them together!

    A job!—This might really come under the category of networking, but not too long ago our daughter, a senior in high school, was discouraged by her fruitless job hunt. In the midst of this, friends of ours from Colombia came to town to visit their daughter and son-in-law and new granddaughter. We invited them all over for a meal. I told the son-in-law, a local businessman, that if he knew of any part time jobs to let us know. He said, “Actually, our insurance agency is looking for someone!” The hours were perfect for her schedule and it was precisely the kind of job Christina had mentioned wanting! She gave him a resume and about a week later had an interview and got the job!

What rewards have you experienced from practicing hospitality? I’d love to know. Write to me here I’ll share them with my readers!

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