Monday, January 30, 2012

A *Super* TV Dinner

Once in a while you have to break the rules.

The general rule is no television during dinner. But once in a while there's a special reason to break this rule. This Sunday one of those reasons is coming.

Even for someone like me who doesn't follow football at all (remember I lived outside the U.S. for 24 years), getting together with friends and having a snack-y dinner while watching the Super Bowl is can be great fun.

And I have a game plan to suggest!
Photo credit: juggernautco

I may just be too late as statistics show that on average people make their Super Bowl plans 41 days in advance! Our family must bring those stats way down because we just were invited to a friend's house yesterday. But, if you don't have a family plan, I'll tell you my ideas.

For family and kids, you may need more than the game on the screen going on. Here's some game ideas for you:
Photo credit: US Army Photostream
  1. Sing the Star Spangled Banner. Stand up. Hats off. Hands over the heart.
  2. Super Bowl Bingo. Choose  words or phrases you will hear during the game from the list provided and create your own bingo cards. Give each of the kids one and have them listen for these words, mark them off to see who gets the first Bingo, Double Bingo, and Black Out. 
  3. Super Bowl Pictionary. Make your own list of football words to be drawn. If you have enough people around who are willing to play, divide them into two teams. Each team sends one person to the person with the list who whispers the word they have to get their team to guess by their drawing. When they both know the word, say "Go" and they run back to the table and race each other to get their team to guess correctly first. This game has some action to it to keep the wiggles away.
  4. Finger Football. Draw a football field on a large sheet of green poster board. Teach the kids how to fold a piece of paper into a tight triangle football. Using this have them play finger football taking turns "kicking" the football by flicking their fingers. 
  5. A Movie. If the kids can't keep occupied with these ideas, have a way to show them a movie they will enjoy.
For halftime--skip the entertainment that's happening at the stadium. It's generally not family friendly. Consider ordering Power to Win to show during half time. It is a DVD that features testimonies from current and former NFL players. It's meant to be an outreach for the unsaved, but even if you just have your family, it's good for them to hear the testimonies of men who keep the faith in the public eye.

I also have a recipe for football empanadas (meat pies) which I will share with you on Wednesday, so be sure and come back to learn how to make those!

Have a Super Sunday!

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  1. I continue to be amazed at your creativity and helpful ideas! Keep them coming, and thanks for sharing them.

    1. Thanks, Karen. It's fun to try and think about these things.



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