Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What Did You Talk About Around Your Table this Week?

On the Friday before New Year’s Eve, we brought goal worksheets to the table. Everyone had one at their place.
Credit: Buttoned Up

Jim started the conversation by asking what we want to do in the next year. Some things are obvious. Our senior in high school wants to graduate and start college. Other things are less so.

We talked about spiritual goals. Several of us wanted to  develop our prayer lives.

We talked about intellectual (for lack of a better word) goals. Reading more books featured in this topic.

We talked about organizational goals. Oh my! There was lots to do in this area!

Then we started writing. We put each goal in a different color ink. (We were passing pens back and forth!) The corresponding steps to reach the goal were in the matching ink color.

It was a good time to take inventory and think a little about the coming year.

Last Christmas I knew I was going to become a grandmother during 2011, so I told “the kids” (parents now!) that I wanted to do a cross stitch advent calendar for devotions like I had done for my children and we still use every year. (I explain ours in the book.) Knowing how long it would take, I told them it would be for the baby’s second Christmas!

I sat down with them to design it they way they wanted. They had some ideas of what passages and pictures they wanted included. Then my work began of finding patterns and actually cross stitching. In January we went to Colombia for 3 weeks and I spent a lot of time on it. Since then, not so much.

So one of my goals is to finish that, hopefully in time for them to use it next year! (I can’t put a picture up—it’s all a surprise.)

What did you and your family talk about around the table this past week? Please tell me in a comment below.


  1. Visiting from Blogelina.
    Sitting down as a family and talking about goals is a really good idea. I think I'm going to sit mine down and try to have a talk. Of course, my son is 4 so I might have to dig the goals out of

  2. Michelle,

    Glad you like the idea! It's great to start when he's so young and train him up to think that way. It will give him the necessary tools for when he's older.


  3. Sharon, I am really enjoying this blog , I have already been enjoying it ! For many years now we have known each other and you truly inspire me and you a great godly woman. Sitting down as a family "around the table " is always not so easy, even when you live on a small island it still is a challenge sometimes. So I am really gonna find more time to come on here and lern from you <3

  4. Celeste,
    Thanks so much. I am not "great" and do aspire to "godly" but God's still working on me there. I hope I can help and encourage you and your family. That's my goal. Please pray for this ministry when you think of it.



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