Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What is Hospitality?

I'm all about hospitality.

I think I may have met my better in this, though, through an article in Just Between Us by Constance Fink. Today I'd like to link you to an interview with Nancy Rolinger, a godly woman I've heard much about and hope to meet some day. Her definition of hospitality may challenge yours! And more than that, her life of hospitality should challenge all of ours!

Nancy Rolinger
Nancy Rolinger says showing hospitality is not about cleaning the house, cooking all day, and then cleaning up.  Rather, it can be done anytime, anywhere, by anyone. 

Nancy has a passion for hospitality. She practices it, teaches it, and loves it. Hospitality is more than inviting people to her home.  Hospitality is her life. She is hospitable at the grocery store, in a hospital room, at church, and in her apartment building.

Growing up at Lake Geneva Youth Camp in Wisconsin (her dad was the director), Nancy learned hospitality at a young age.  Many speakers, staff and volunteers came into their home.  But most importantly, Nancy learned that hospitality was not saved just for “company” but was shown to the family as well.   

Her favorite family times were when her dad would tell a Bible story each evening after supper.  One night when she was five years old, she realized her sin and her need for a Savior.  Since then, she has experienced sweet fellowship with God, and knows that she will be welcomed into His home when her life’s journey ends.  For Nancy, hospitality is quite simple – it is the outpouring of her daily love for the Lord.   

JBU: What does hospitality look like? 
Photo credit: Calotype46
NANCY: It is treating others like VIPs.  It’s not any more complicated than that.  God showed hospitality to us by treating us like VIPs. When I see all He has freely given us in Christ, I want to let God touch others through me whether I am next to them at work, in school, in the checkout line, or at home.  It isn’t about me, how good a cook I am or how nice my home is.  It is creating a safe place to build authentic relationships.

JBU:  What about the single mom who works full-time, or the elderly widow on fixed income? 
NANCY:  Hospitality looks different for each person, but it is a ministry for everyone.  It is not limited by income or age.  It’s for teens, dorm students, adults, elderly, single, or married.  All can...
To continue reading this article go to Just Between Us .

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  1. Aunt Nancy is one of my most favorite persons and her article is a good reminder and challenge to me. I hope you get to meet her soon!



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