Sunday, February 26, 2012

Around Aussie Tables

Before we went to O'Hare, we met Daniel, Abby, and Anna for pizza. We didn't give Anna any pizza.
Then we ate on our heads.
Coffee on the Redcliffs shore with John and Ethel--Jim always finds the coffee shop!
Coffee at Bundaberg Beach with former Colombian missionary friends. Won't heaven be fun!
Well, not really. But Jared wanted sausages instead of curried prawns. His loss.
Some of the guests at the Queensland state 60th ECS Bible Course celebration. The ECS Bible Courses have been used in Australia since 1952!
Lunch in Sydney--a lamb kebob! Delicious!
Fish and chips at Manly Beach--very manly!
Sydney, New South Wales dinner commemorating 60 years of ECS Bible Courses in Australia.

Sunday Snapshot

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