Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day, Honey

In honor of the day and of our 29 ½ year anniversary, I would like to salute the man who sits at the head of our table.

Top Five Reasons I Love My Husband

5. His dirty socks always find their own way to the hamper.

4. He changed (some) diapers, played that endless game called "Chutes and Ladders," took his kids on french fry dates, helped with their math homework when they were crying, built models with them, let them take buses in Latin America [they would have not done this till they were 30 if I had been their only parent!], taught them to drive, and has spent hours and hours praying for them.

3. A wink from him across a room sends good shivers all through me.

2. He'd rather preach from the minor prophets than watch the major leagues. [I actually prayed for a man like this!]

And best of all, the TOP reason I love Jim Fleming

1. Sometimes, when he's meditating on the love and goodness of God, I see moisture in his eyes.

Happy Valentines Day, Honey!
I love you!
Now and Always.

1 comment:

  1. Happy Valentine's to the Love of my Life. As long as we are telling the world how much we love each other, I will add that for every 5 reasons you have to love me, I have 10 reasons that merit loving you that surpass why you love me.



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