Friday, February 17, 2012

National Pancake Week

Pancakes are . . .
  • delicious
  • fun
  • kid friendly
  • inexpensive
  • easy
  • sweet
  • a great "breakfast for dinner"

According to our library, February 20-25 is National Pancake Week. So how about pancakes for breakfast or lunch or dinner?

When my kids were small, our Saturday morning pancake ritual, included a "Mickey Mouse" pancake for each one.

Then the kids started asking for special pancakes. Daniel was fascinated by airplanes.
I always thought they looked more like whales.

Rosana wanted a heart.
I discovered that by doing a "check mark" motion, I could come up with a reasonable heart. On at least one Valentine's Day we had pink heart pancakes. J

Samuel asked for a helicopter.
(Full disclosure: to make this I did two parts, the body of the helicopter and the rotor and put them together on the plate. )

Then I remember Christina asking for Winnie the Pooh.
I always thought it was a good thing they had  imaginations. Though when Christina helped me make these, she said, "You did those really well. I didn't need to use my imagination at all." To do this, use a teaspoon to make the eyes, then the nose, then the mask around the nose. Pour batter over it all to make the head and then use the teaspoon to add the ears last.

My friend, Rachel, had more meaningful pancakes. For her daughter's third birthday she made flower pancakes with Nutella "frosting". 

But what I liked best was how she reinforced the family devotions with the pancakes. After acting out the story of Abraham offering up Isaac and God's provision of a lamb...
...she made lamb pancakes for her children!

So have a pancake. And don't be afraid to take requests for designs. Experiment a bit. It takes a little practice. Maybe you can even teach a lesson while you are at it!

Happy National Pancake Week!
Send me a picture of your favorite pancake here!

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