Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What's on My Table

My table is part of my home decoration, a calming clear spot tastefully decorated (I hope!), that is a pleasure to look at whether we are eating at it or between meals.

Well, that's the goal. 

Now that I have no little ones at home, I do actually have 3 or 5 uninterrupted minutes all in a row to think about the table and put something together on it that shows off some of my international curios, the season, a holiday, or whimsy.

When the kids were little, I usually had something simple like a large doily and a silk flower arrangement, fresh flowers (which were cheap in South America), or a candle or two.
Circa 1986, I had a placemat and fresh flowers on our table in Lima, Peru.
If you asked my kids what my motto is, they might say "Don't play with the centerpiece!" Maybe I've had successfully fun centerpieces that have just been too cute to resist. Or maybe the kids are bored and want something to fiddle with! Honestly, they don't try to annoy me--I don't think!

That makes me realize a centerpiece has to be "child friendly". This long runner I use now, wouldn't work if there were toddlers around who could reach up and pull it, sending my decorations crashing to the floor.
Autumn center piece includes leaves I picked up on my
walks and ironed between waxed paper to preserve longer
 Come to think of it, I might not have had ceramic figurines within easy reach of young diners, either!
Whimsical detail from Autumn table decorations

Since I have a pretty table, I usually have a table runner on it, showing off the wood while dressing it up a little. Jim's job has him traveling around the world and he's very good at picking out table runners that match the house, our dishes, or the seasons! That may be because I have sometimes been able to go with him and point out what I like! Quick study, that man!

I've been known to match my centerpieces to the menu.

These people grace our table when we eat Mexican (or Tex-Mex) food.

This woman from India spooks my kids a bit when I serve curry.

Though I change frequently, right now, I have a Valentine's motif on my table. The cloth is an old one that belonged to Mrs. Tidmarsh, who was a missionary in Ecuador with her husband for many years. Her husband, Dr. Tidmarsh, was the one who first heard of the Auca Indians and told Jim Elliot, Pete Fleming and the others about them. (You can read about them in Through Gates of Splendor by Elisabeth Elliot). I made the heart shaped floating candles with my daughter-in-law. As you can see, I haven't trimmed the wicks yet.

Leave a comment and tell me what's on your table right now. Or send me a picture of your table here


  1. I didn't realize you had that! Thank you for pointing me to it. Memories are sweet and we appreciate those who honor those faithful servants of the Lord. Wonderful when table decorations not only celebrate a season, a geographical place, or a menu, but when they celebrate memories and people who have had an impact on our lives!

    1. Yes, I came to your house shortly after Mrs. Tidmarsh passed away and went through some of her things with you. I also have some placemats and tea towels that were hers. It is special to me to feel like I have a part of history!



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