Friday, March 30, 2012

April Fools Around the Table

My dad is a good sport.

I guess that's why we played so many April Fool's jokes on him around our table when we were growing up.

The "Blueberry" Pancake
One year near the end of March I was making chocolate chip cookies with my mother. When I got to the last bit of dough I asked if I could make a giant cookie. (I think I had gotten tired of making little dollops.) My mother said yes, so I spread the dough out in a large circle, about 6 inches in diameter.

When the cookie was done we thought it looked like a blueberry pancake and I said we should give it to dad on April Fools morning for his pancake while the rest of us had blueberry pancakes--always a favorite of mine.

As Dad cut into his "pancake" that morning he commented that it was a very tough pancake. When he took a bite, a surprised look came on his face and my brother and I could finally let our giggles out as we shouted, "April Fool's!" 

Dad smiled and was happy to get a real blueberry pancake after scraping the cookie into the trash.

The "Soft Boiled" Egg
One year I had the "great" idea to give Dad a raw egg for his breakfast in an egg cup instead of a soft boiled egg. I came downstairs early to "help" Mom get Dad's breakfast. She put four eggs into the boiling water and I said with alarm, "No, no! Dad's egg is supposed to be raw!" She rightly said, "If it's cold to touch, he'll know something is wrong."

When Dad came down the eggs were all in the cups on our plates. After giving thanks my brother and I watched Dad carefully. He almost started to whack off the top when he stopped to butter his toast and then took a sip of his orange juice. Wasn't he ever going to break the egg?

When he took a sip of coffee, I broke. "Daddy, aren't you going to open your egg?"

He looked at me and asked, "What's wrong with my egg? Is it hard boiled?" My brother and I couldn't hold the laughter in any more and I told him it was raw. "April Fool's!" At this point Mom produced a soft boiled egg all ready for him. "You were acting too suspicious for me to break my egg," he told us.

The Heated "Syrup"
One day when pouring some tea I commented that it looked like hot maple syrup. That's when I got another great idea: put hot tea in a pitcher and say we had heated the syrup!

Our patient Dad was again on the receiving end of this joke. We had pancakes for our April 1 breakfast--real pancakes! On the table were two little pitchers with syrup. One had syrup, the other had tea. Excitedly we said that we had heated syrup this morning. We were careful to act like nothing was unusual, but also to be sure we used the real syrup while we waited for Dad to butter his pancakes and, finally, pour syrup over them.

"Boy this syrup is runny!" Dad commented. Before he could even take a bite, we burst into giggles again and said, "April Fool's!" As Dad scraped his pancakes into the garbage and reloaded his plate he commented, "I should have known something was up, we never have heated syrup!"

So I guess if I make pancakes this Sunday morning, my kids better beware!

How about you? Have you done a great April Fool's Day joke to someone at your table? Or do you have one planned? Write to me about it here and I won't tell--till after April 1!

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