Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What's On My Table

Spring has sprung here!
I am reveling in the luxury of fresh flowers! These were given to me by the daughter of friends from Colombia who spent part of her spring break at our house. 

Then today I got out my spring and Easter decorations. Easter has a way of sneaking up on me and it's such a wonderful day. Resurrection is definitely worth celebrating!

I bought this bunny at the Flemington glass factory in New Jersey when I was about eight years old. Back then, getting me to part with my money was a rare feat, but I thought he was so cute, even if he didn't look like my black and white "blue dutch" live bunny at home, so I bought him. He probably cost me a dollar!

These candle-holder bunnies came from a Lilian Vernon catalog I somehow got hold of while living in Peru--probably about 20 years ago.

They have held my Easter dinner candles every year since then, now in their third country.

The lace table runner came from my mother-in-law. When they moved out of their home up the street from us last year into a retirement community apartment, she held "giveaways" every time we visited. At one of our ladies' "Just Prayer" meetings she had some table runners out and offered them to anyone. They said I should go first, but I was embarrassed because I got a "giveaway" every time I came! However, they insisted I keep in the family anything I wanted, so I chose this light and spring-like runner.

The birds all came from my mother-in-law, too. The larger white bird was part of a trio that I had admired, so one year for my birthday she gave me the pair of blue birds. Later she gave me the white birds. Sadly a man who was painting our walls in Bogota, bumped the shelf they were on and two of them crashed to the floor. 

When I took the little white birds out today, the smaller one slipped out of my hand, bounced on the table and slid along the tile floor in two pieces. Thankfully it was a clean break and I glued him together. You never would have known if I hadn't told you, would you?

What's on your table right now?
A friend (who shall remain unnamed) wrote: I have trouble decorating my table because it seems to be the "dumping place" for everything:  mail, keys, papers, laptops, etc.

I think that's a pretty common problem. Our table in Bogota was in a place that people walked past to get to the kitchen and school books often "decorated" it. 

So I have two questions for you:

  1. How do you solve the "dumping place" syndrome in your house?
  2. What's on your table right now?
Tell me your answer either in a comment below or send me an email here and attach a photo. I'll share your ideas and photos in a future post.

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  1. I wish my table looked so pretty! But then again - hoping I can decorate for spring this weekend! I know my family would love it! I pulled out one little Easter decoration yesterday and the little kids were giddy over it when they came home from school. I also made some hard boiled eggs and Jorja wanted to decorate them - hold on a bit girlfriend! :)
    Loved your book! I will send you a review soon! Gotta get through some adoption paperwork!

    1. I happen to know you have a lot more kids than I do, Jodi, and most of them are still little and still at home, so it sounds like you are doing a great job!

  2. Mrs. Fleming, I love this blog! As a wife of 3 years and a brandnew momma, I am passionate about Biblical homemaking. God is so good to give me so many lovely, Godly role models.
    One of my "dumping" solutions is to have {cute} baskets around the the door, in the living room, in the dining area, etc. That way, there is a place to put things, but it keeps our home looking neat, and whenever I have a free moment, it's easy to sort thro' a basket and put things in their proper place.

    1. Thanks, Corrie. That's a great idea. Now if we could just get everyone to use the baskets, right? :-)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Gigi. I was just talking to my mother-in-law today. She told me she bought it about 35 years ago at a resale shop she used to volunteer at. It's fun to know the stories behind things.



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