Friday, May 18, 2012

Bird Brained

Recently I had a small flock of Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks at my bird feeders.
Last year I saw them once. This time they were around for several days. I had as many as five males at once.
The one on the right is the female. She's well camouflaged.

I frequently get American Goldfinches,


Blue Jays,

and sometimes Downy Woodpeckers.

The American Robins love my birdbath!

Once I even had a stray Indigo Bunting.

Last summer I watched as a pair of House Wrens courted, chose our birdhouse, feed their young and they fledged.

I have seen thirty-four kinds of birds in my back yard!

Are you wondering what all these beautiful birds have to do with family mealtimes?

I call the bird world I see from my desk window "my soap opera". I watch birds fight, court, mate, have babies, raise them, send them off, and even die (when a hawk got one sparrow and when a Goldfinch crashed into my window too hard). And it gives me a wonderful topic of conversation with my family. They might think I'm a bit "bird brained" about it. But what an opportunity to revel in God's marvelous creativity, to praise Him for it, to remind us all that God knows when even a sparrow falls, and to show them how a hobby that isn't electronic can be amazing, fun, and educational all at once.

Do you share your discoveries with your children? Do you teach them by example about how to develop their interests, even if they don't become experts? Do you talk about the wonders and care of God in everyday conversation?

I am a firm believer in our example being our biggest ministry. Our children, and others, are watching us all the time. When they see us do something right, it registers. I can't tell you how many times people have said to me, "I was watching how you related to your children and husband..." Kind of scary to think what they might see.

So what is your conversation topic example around your table teaching your children?

Connect your family with its past: For ideas on this see Family Day.

Ni Hao Yall


  1. The kids and I enjoy quizzing Dad at dinner time to see if he knows the things we learned in school that day. This past week it's been about the Incas, Constantinople, and Gutenberg. We've avoided talking about science at mealtimes since we're in the section on parasites!
    By the way, you and Mrs. D would make great bird buddies!

    1. Great idea! Not only does it make it fun, but it reinforces what they learned. (It's also a great idea to avoid parasite talk at meals!) :-)

  2. Beautiful pictures...from a fellow bird lover! Even though our daughter is still just under three, we sit at the table every morning and evening together, say a short simple prayer and "talk" about the day ahead or the day behind. I love the silly answers she gives and I love the eye contact. I often keep my camera handy on video just never know! Good habits start young. Love your blog!

    1. Thanks so much, Christine. I'm glad you enjoyed the blog and that you have that great time connecting with your little girl. It's fun now and rewarding when they get older! See the post titled "Still Talking".

  3. So much beauty in His creation... and you did a great job capturing all those lovely back-yard visitors :)

    1. Thanks, I have a lot of ufn watching them and trying to photograph them.



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