Friday, May 25, 2012

Good Memories and Good Learning

Today's post is guest written by Carolyn Aspenson, a woman with whom I used to play when I visited my grandparents farm in Iowa from my home 1000 miles away. Now we live about an hour apart and chat frequently on Facebook. Read about how guests enriched their family devotion times.

Years ago we had the privilege of housing Gospel preachers when our five children were young. Once or twice a year our assembly (local church) would have a series of Gospel meetings every night for as long as a month. Since our rambling farmhouse had space for them, they would stay with us. We always had meals together at the table and a time in the Word and prayer after breakfast before excusing ourselves to go about our daily duties.
Carolyn's family today
I remember one particular occasion we were having a discussion about the rapture. Our twins were around six at the time and listened intently to our conversation. One of them was very curious as to how the Lord was going to take us all to heaven at once and proudly suggested that He could use the big dipper as a means to scoop us all up into the sky. Needless to say, we had a lively discussion that morning.

On another occasion we had a guest Gospel preacher who was a missionary in Japan. I can still see the children bent over papers, learning some of the Japanese symbols and trying to write their names in Japanese. 

As a family, even when it was just us at the table, we always had a daily devotion and prayer before sending the children to school. We wanted to feed our children spiritually as well as physically and instill the habit in them while they were young.

Once in a while, even yet, one of them will bring up those guest preachers and talk about those times "around the table." Good memories filled with good learning!

Carolyn and Daryl have been married 37 years and are the proud parents of 5 grown kids, ranging from 34 to 21, including a set of twin boys.  They have spent their entire lives in the country on the farm.  An avid sew-er, when she had a daughter, after three boys, she went a little overboard with the curls and ruffles, needless to say, the daughter grew up being a tom boy!  They have 5 grandchildren with the 6th coming in November, Lord willing.  It is a joy watching them grow up and see their parents train them according to God's Word.  They have much to be thankful for and much to pray about.

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