Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Time For a Picnic!

It was one of life's embarrassing moments.

My husband, Jim, was having a friend over for lunch to discuss some aspect of ministry. I made their lunch, set it out and then joined our three year old son, Daniel, under a card table covered with an old bedspread for our indoor-inside-a-tent picnic lunch. I heard the doorbell ring and the two men talking. Then I heard footsteps in the room where Daniel and I were. We got very quiet, waiting to see who it was. Daniel tried to stifle a giggle and a female voice tentatively said, "Hello?"

Awkwardly I pulled back the bedspread to reveal our hiding place and discovered the wife of my husband's lunch companion who had come to see me. She found me!
It might not be warm enough outside for a picnic yet, but the sun has been shining beautifully and I'd love to eat outside where it's green.

So how about an indoor picnic, instead?
All it takes is a picnic blanket spread on the floor--and maybe some "friends".
You could add a "tent". Since we don't have a card table, I spread a sheet across two chairs.
Add some food—in this case it was just a vanilla wafer broken into tiny bits, but as my granddaughter grows, we'll add more interesting things!
She liked it and when it was all gone, she asked for "more" in sign language.

I'm looking forward to more Grandma picnics when she grows "so big."

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