Friday, May 11, 2012

What's on YOUR Table

A while back I showed you what was on my table, asked for some help for a friend, and invited you to tell me what's on your tables.

Here are some responses I received.

Maribeth from Connecticut wrote: I love having a dining room and the table decor is always a main attraction. Usually not very elaborate but I like candles so I always have a number of them in all sizes and shapes on either side of the main centerpiece which tends to be flowers or a plant.  I also change the tablecloth or place mats to the color of the season....all winter I look forward to the “spring d├ęcor”!
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A friend asked: It’s so difficult for me to decorate my table because it seems to be the "dumping place" for everything:  mail, keys, papers, laptops, etc.
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One solution came from Corrie who lives in Texas: One of my “dumping” solutions is to have {cute} baskets around the the door, in the living room, in the dining area, etc. That way, there is a place to put things, but it keeps our home looking neat, and whenever I have a free moment, it's easy to sort thro' a basket and put things in their proper place. 
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Peggy, in Seattle, said: 

Hi, Sharon
Recently, on your blog you asked people what is on their kitchen table.  Nothing is on my table---all the clutter lands on the long counter between the cooking & eating areas.  Here is how it looked one morning last week when it was worse than usual:

I'm sorry to report that the table is usually bare---no cute decorations or anything.  

Tell me, or better yet, show me, what's on your table and I'll share it here!

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