Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's Not Narnia

I walked where Paul walked today.

Paul, Apostle Paul.

Between visiting the Emmaus Course offices in Patra, Greece and the one in Burgas, Bulgaria, we have traveled from Cornith to Athens to Thessalonica. That's backwards from the way Paul did it. (Acts 17-18) I didn't realize how exciting it would be to see places that Paul actually saw, roads (and hills) he walked on.

When Paul got to Athens he was there alone for a while and he wandered through the market place, reasoning with the people about God. (Acts 17:17)
These columns line the road between the two sides of the Roman Forum, or marketplace in Athens. On either side there would have been covered stalls where people could shop, visit, or share new ideas. (Acts 17:21)

Then Paul was invited to the Aeropagus (Mars Hill) to discuss things further with them. He started that famous message with a reference to the altar of the "Unknown God" which the Athenians had put up to cover all their bases. (Acts 17:22-31) I didn't find the altar, but we did walk up Mars Hill at the base of the Acropolis.
Jim on the Aeropagus (Mars Hill) 

Paul also said he had been examining their "objects of worship." (Acts 17:23) Did he wander up to the Acropolis?

In Corinth the Jews took Paul to the "judgement seat," the Bema, because he was preaching the gospel. But the judge, Gallio, wasn't interested in their religious problems. (Acts 18:12-17)
That little sign on the wall says "Bema". This is Ancient Corinth where Paul stood before the magistrate.

Seeing these places has made reading these two chapters in Acts and Paul's letters to the churches in Corinth and Thessalonica so much more alive!

This is a place I thought I might like to come to for the beaches, but even though I won't get to a beach to swim, I'm so glad I came!

You could ask your children what place where an event in the Bible happens they would like to see. Talk about what countries of today are places where the people of the Bible lived, walked, and knew God. Open your Bibles to those maps in the back and look through them, comparing them to maps of today. Make the Bible come alive for your children, for yourself! It isn't Narnia. It truly happened on our planet.

Who knows, maybe you could even start dreaming about actually visiting some of these places. It'll do wonders for your faith!


  1. Fascinating! One needs to know the Bible well to get the most out of a trip like this; one more good reason to read, study, look at those maps. Discussing helps not only the interest, but also the retention! Thank you for sharing the photos and description. Have fun!



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