Wednesday, August 15, 2012

No Regrets

Yesterday was our 30th anniversary. 
It was a very special anniversary because it was the first time our kids gave us a party!

It not only made us feel loved, but it showed me that over the years, all those meal plans, all those celebrations, all those family times around the table, all the bits and pieces of things I have tried to teach them, were being absorbed. 

I will admit that our daughter-in-law was the chief planner for the event and I can't take credit for what she's learned. But she got everyone else involved--even writing to my mother for ideas.

They all contributed to the food and decorations and ideas and work.

We've only lived in Dubuque for four years, but we still had a lot of friends show up to join us in celebrating our joy.

It was special for Jim and I, too, because we recently found out our nest will suddenly become empty! We've known for quite a while that our youngest, Christina, would be moving into the dorm at Emmaus Bible College on August 23. 

But we thought, Samuel, our second youngest would be home a while longer. He moved home for his senior year and since graduation has been looking for a job. He wanted to stay in Dubuque because he's the youth group leader at our local church, he likes being near family, and his girlfriend lives in town. (Probably those last two aren't in the order he would put them!) But having spent the hottest summer in recent memory roofing has convinced him to take an office job in another part of the country, so he's moving to Houston at the end of this week. 

I'm thankful for his girlfriend for many reasons, but one is that it will bring him home often and I'll probably even get to see him. :-)

The party brought everyone out to Dubuque (our oldest son, Daniel and his family, live about 3.5 hours away) so we had a fun family time...
...our traditional three (this time four!) generation meal on Sunday...

...and time for games, too.

And as I contemplate having just Jim and I around the table for most of our meals, I definitely have no regrets about the time I spent planning, cooking, and cleaning up thousands of family meals over the last almost 27 years of having kids in our home.

I'll keep having Christina here for Sunday lunch along with Jim's parents and Rosana also lives in town and is over frequently. Daniel and Abby usually make it out one weekend a month and Samuel is hoping to get back with almost that frequency, too. So we will still have family mealtimes. And I'll continue to encourage and inspire you to connect with your family at mealtimes so when you come to this point in your family you, too, can say you have no regrets.

 *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Reminder: In September I will be giving away two Turkish center of table cloths. You and a friend could be the winners! Watch for details on August 29.


  1. I've been benefiting from your hospitality for at least 7 years now... you can take some credit for what I've learned! :)

    1. Thanks, Abby. We've loved having you around all those 7 years!

  2. Warm congratulations to you both! What a blessing marriage is! It's been 13 years for my husband and I this past July!
    What a lovely party! Go Abby! :-)
    Would love to see the video, but it's coming up "private"

    1. Teresa, Thanks for telling me about the video. I changed the settings so hopefully it will work now. The quality didn't come out as well as when I showed it at our party, but you can get the idea.

      Congratulations to you on 13 years! Anniversaries should be celebrated!

    2. Wonderful video! So fun watching your kids grow up through the years, going through all their different "stages." Daniel did a great job on your 30th pictures!

      Thank you, we are certainly thankful to the Lord for a wonderful 13 years so far! Sure has gone by quickly, that's for sure!

  3. Jim and Sharon, the video is so beautiful. I LOVE the pictures at the end of you two today - who took those? I see Jim had his beard beginning with the engagement pics. I still remember him shaving it in Bogota for a little while, but that didn't last long. God truly has blessed you both and also made you a blessing to many. Glad you had a great party and could reflect on the years together.

    Have a great next 30 or more!! Love, Joy w/Bob

    1. Thanks, Joy!
      Daniel did the photo shoot for us. Yes, Jim had his beard from 1981-2000 and then grew it back in late 2000. He went to a goatee in 2006. He grew the beard originally for himself but keeps it for me.



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