Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We've Been Enriched!

Wherever you go people eat.

Most of the time we have the luxury of enjoying what we eat. My heart goes out to those who eat only to survive, but in many places people have the resources to truly enjoy their meals from time to time, if not on a regular basis. 

I'm grateful to have been able to share in many of those meals in many places. This was definitely true on our most recent ministry trip to visit and encourage Emmaus course offices throughout Eastern Europe.
 How about a Turkish breakfast of tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, and olives? I can't say I'll be rushing to make this breakfast at home, but we loved it, sharing it with friends.

The Apostle Paul said a lot to the Corinthians about eating including, "Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." (1 Corithians 10:31). We ate with the church in Corinth! They prepared a delicious and beautiful meal, to the glory of God.
Somehow I don't think Paul drank Coke Zero® with his moussaka.

At another kind of church dinner in Serbia, we walked about a mile through the village at noon on Sunday to a little restaurant rented out for the meal before the afternoon meetings. We couldn't talk to a lot of people, but those who spoke some English definitely tried it out on us. I felt like I could get used to Serbian village life!

Some meals were enroute. Here we are getting crumbs all over a train for our breakfast and enjoying being together as a family.

In some places in the world, eating outside is the norm, in others, it's a special treat when the weather cooperates. It does seem like people enjoy it, even with the extra effort of carrying things outside.

We got to eat outside in a backyard supper cookout in Hungary,
for lunch in a side yard in the Czech Republic,
and breakfast on a back patio near in a village near Vienna.
Our hosts ranged in age from a 22 year old university student to an 80-something couple who have been working with the Emmaus courses for 59 years!
Maria-Teresa and Bill served up a delicious lunch in the Emmaus office and told us that while they believe they should turn over the Emmaus work to someone younger, they are not retiring. They are writing books for Italian believers and have a long list of topics they'd like to cover.

Our lives were enriched by these people going out of their way to prepare food for us (often they had never met us before) and share a meal with us. I came home inspired to share willingly and generously with others. 

Will you add to the lives of others by including them in your family mealtimes? It will do wonders for you and your family as well.

To read more about this latest ministry trip go here.


  1. Love your pictures! So lovely and bright - makes you feel like your right there! Brings back many fond memories of travel I did after college several years ago! I still think of the folks who provided such unselfish hospitality to a poor recently-graduated college student!Looks like you had a wonderful trip! Been thinking about and praying for you all!

    My family is just my husband and I (and my dad for the last year, but he will be moving soon...) and we absolutely love having people in our home! We do this mostly Sundays after church but would really like to try and have folks over at least once a week getting into the fall.

    We enjoyed a lovely lunch with your eldest and his growing family (your granddaughter is growing up! What a cutie!) along with his in-laws this past Sunday! Always a blessing! :-)

    I've loved reading your blog! Please keep it going!

    1. Teresa,

      You made my day! Thank you so much for your encouragement.

      We, too, have most of our guests for Sunday lunch (unless they are staying with us), but we've been trying to figure out another time as my husband preaches away many Sundays now. There's a list of people I'd like to have over.

      Thank you for having Daniel and family over along with Abby's parents. I'm sure they enjoyed it very much and were glad to be together. We're excited we get to see little Anna this Sunday when we go in to pick up our youngest who stayed in Europe on a missions trip in Albania.

      Again, thanks for the encouragement for my blog. Please be sure to tell others who might be interested about it!

      In Christ,



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