Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What Would You Like on Your Table?

How about a square Turkish table runner?

If you've read this blog much, you know that I think that what's on our tables is important. A pretty table is a prepared table. I believe that, even though our families don't realize it, when the table is prepared, planned, and thought out, it helps them feel loved.

At the end of September I will be giving away two of these lovely square Turkish Table runners that I picked up in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul this summer.

It will look great on your table between meals or at mealtime.

These table runners feature the Turkish artistic rendition of a tulip on them. Did you know that the tulip was probably introduced to Europe from the Ottoman Empire?

In 2008 Jim and I were fortunate enough to visit Istanbul at the height of tulip time.

You and a friend could be the winners of these beautiful table runners!

The contest starts now!

Here’s how the giveaway will work:

Who is eligible to win?  YOU! (if you do any of the following):
              ...“like” the Facebook page this month
             ...AND/OR become a member of the blog this month
             ... recommend someone to do the above.
Both the new person whose name is randomly chosen and the person who recommends them will win one runner each!

How do I enter?
  1. “Like” the Around the Table Book Facebook page AND write a comment on the page saying that you "liked" it and the name of the person who told you about page. Both the new member and the one who recommended them will win if their name is drawn.
  2. Become a member of this blog AND write a comment in one of the posts from today through September telling me that you became a member and the name of the person who told you about the blog. (If you do both 1 and 2, your name will be entered twice.)
  3. If you have already done these things, get friends to do steps 1 and 2 to enter and put YOUR name as the one who told them about it. Obviously, the more friends you get to list you as the one who referred them, the more possibilities you have of winning!

Can I enter if I live outside the United States?
Yes, IF you have a US address where I can send the table runner. I will send it to an address in the states and you can organize to get it from there.

Who will win?
On September 30 we will have a random drawing of all the names of people who liked the Facebook page OR became members of the blog from now through the month of September 2012 AND wrote a comment with their name in it and the name of the person who told them about it. The person whose name is drawn will win one embroidered Turkish square table runner AS WELL AS the person who told them about the Facebook page or blog. (Note: I am choosing names from the COMMENTS on both Facebook and in the blog, not just from the list of people who liked or became members. To enter you must write your name in a comment and the name of the person who told you about the blog.)

What if you told me about it, Sharon?
If you heard about this from me and “liked” the page or became a member of the blog between August 29 and September 30, 2012, then find a friend who has not done this yet and tell them and you can put each other down as the one who told you.

Why are you doing this, Sharon?
I see my blog as a ministry to families, to help them find another way to connect with and encourage each other, but it’s only a ministry to as many families as actually know about and read the blog. So I want to get the word out to as many people as possible. Also God has given Jim and I the privilege and responsibility of traveling for ministry and I wanted to share just a bit of this with my readers to allow them to have something unique decorating their tables.

So, don't procrastinate! "Like" the Around the Table Blog Facebook Page and become a "member" of this blog (you won't receive any emails) and write a comment telling me you did and the name of a friend who told you about it today! 

And then GTAF...Go Tell A Friend!


  1. Hi Sharon,
    It is not September yet, but I liked the page and found you through Christian Women Bloggers. I will share your post on my Facebook page which is Beneath The Surface : Breath of Faith! In His Grace Dawn (ST. Amand Paoletta)

    1. Thanks, Dawn! I just edited the post as I see I didn't make it clear that the "liking" could begin today! Thank you so much for spreading the word and for liking my page!

  2. The table runner is gorgeous! Just joined your site, and was lead here by Dawn St Amand Paoletta. Pam Mosher

    1. Thanks, Pam! I hope the site is an encouragement to you!

  3. New Follower. Lynne Batchelder sent me!

    1. Jessica, hope you'll find my ideas inspiring for connecting with others at mealtimes and will tell others about the blog!

  4. I followed you on fb, and I have you in my google reader. :) Nancy Rolinger introduced you to me. :)

    1. Great! I appreciate readers like you! If I inspire you, tell others, too!

  5. I just joined your blog and Sarah Poling sent me here.

    1. Thanks, Susan! I hope you keep reading and find encouraging ideas that inspire you to connect with your family and others at mealtimes!

  6. I liked your Facebook page and Karen Elliot told me about you. :-)

    1. Thanks, Michelle, I've got you on my list of entrants for the giveaway! Tell some friends about the blog and the giveaway and get yourself entered more times!

  7. Good post. I absolutely love this site. Thanks!



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