Wednesday, September 5, 2012

W is for Waffles

When Christina was in kindergarten her teacher called me to ask if she could borrow my waffle iron. It was "W" week. Soon Christina came home with the life ambition of being a Waitress! 

Did you know this week is National Waffle Week?

And just in time, a friend gave me their Belgian waffle maker so I could share my world famous Belgian Waffle recipe with you. Here it is:
I don't usually use a mix as I like to make things a little more high fiber, but the mix came with the waffle iron and it was easy...and good!

I remember once when we were at a guest house, the host had a couple of waffle irons going at the dinner table and offered us creamed tuna on our waffle or the normal butter and syrup. Later, my teenaged brother commented to me, "Tuna on waffles--that's just not right."

If you want a more dinner-y meal, you can do creamed tuna or chicken or any kind of crepe filling on your waffle, but I see no problem with having breakfast for dinner.

Fleming Waffle Glossary:
Raw - what Jim calls waffles the way I like them
Burnt - what I call waffles the way Jim likes them
Golden - what we both call waffles the way we, ourselves, like them
Crocodiles - the crunchy piece of waffle that cooks outside the intended waffle cooking part of the waffle iron. As in: I call the crocodile! (Yelled while grabbing and breaking off said piece. This is most delicious when stolen before the meal has started.)

Other bits of Fleming Waffle trivia:
When my grandmother was a little girl, she insisted on having melted butter pool in every square of the waffles her mother made her. (Waffles go way back in our family.)

When I was 5 I was allowed to open a present from my Grandpa Hamilton. Before opening it, my mom said, "This has something for everyone in the family." I pulled out a waffle iron and handed it to my mother. Then I looked back in the box and said, "There's nothing else in here!" I thought each person was going to get their own present.
When Jim and I were first married we had Monday's off and he worked on Saturday, so every Sunday afternoon we borrowed his parents' waffle iron for our Monday breakfast. But his dad was worried that one week we wouldn't return it in time for his Saturday morning waffle breakfast, so for Christmas they gave us a waffle iron--something for everyone in the family.

So bring your family together this week--or any week-- for a waffle meal!

*   *   *   *   * 

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  1. Hi Sharon, I shared on my page, and will share again! Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Thanks! I've gotten one new "like" each time you shared.

  2. We make cake batter waffles and ice cream for dessert on occassion. We also have heart shaped waffle irons that are fun.

    1. Wow! Never heard of cake batter waffles. Sounds good! And the heart shaped waffles sound fun,too.



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