Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Today Around My Table I'm Thankful For

Twenty-seven years of daily family meals do reap the reward of all that planning, shopping, slicing, dicing, and washing mountains of dirty dishes. Here are some of the things I'm thankful for that are the result of that consistant (and hopefully cheerful) work.

Girls in my kitchen--One of my favorite holiday activities is the day before when we all work together in the kitchen chopping, baking, decorating, and getting everything ready for the big day. I love it that these girls--daughters, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, and I get along so well!

Samuel back at the table--Our son Samuel left home mid August for an internship at my cousin's company in Houston. It was something that could have led to a full time job, but God showed him many things while he was there including a totally different direction for his work and that he definitely wanted a lifetime with a certain young lady and that they wanted to settle (for now at least) near us. We're glad he's back--till January 19 when he'll start sitting at the head of his own table!

Noise and disruption at the table--November brought our second grandchild born by emergency c-section. They literally ran his laboring mother through the hospital corridors yelling at people to get out of the way and delivered him 10 minutes after arriving in the operating room! I spent 2 weeks at their house afterwards helping take care of  1 1/2 year Anna, newborn Kenneth, and daughter-in-law, Abby. So, yeah, the table was noisy and disrupted at times, but we were glad he's here!

Internet at the table--Sometimes you just have to know the answer to what you are discussing and sometimes the way to find out is to Google® it! Not only that, but the last three weeks my husband has been ministering in Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Vietnam, so sometimes the only way to have him at the table "with" me was to read his letters online. (Just for the record: normally, I still say no technology at the table!)

Laughter at our table--We've had our share of trials and tears this past year, like every family has, so when we can just laugh together, I love it so much. Laughter releases tension, begins healing, and tightens bonds of love.

Maybe you are in the middle of the chaos of pre- and intra- dinner times when the kids meltdown, spill the milk (although that was usually Jim and I spilling it), and argue or turn their nose up at the vegetables. I want to encourage you to plug away. If tonight's not great, tomorrow could be better! 

And may you have help, many, noise, dialogue, and laughter at your table this Thanksgiving and every day.

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