Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bursting with Creativity Family Devo

Do you just know one of your kids is going to be a writer? Are you raising a future playwright or movie maker? Is there a radio announcer living under your roof? How about a mime or actor? 

Wouldn't you love something that brings all that creativity to the surface for a good purpose? How about creative family devos?

Here's the idea: 

  • Assign each child (or two children can work together) a passage that contains a Bible story. Tell them to read the story carefully several times through during the next few days.
  • On a specified day, they will present the story in their chosen genre. They can act it out, make a video, do a creative writing project, or even mime the story.
  • Tell them they can try to "get inside the minds" of the people,
  • BUT they cannot change the facts as they are in the Bible. We want them to actually see what the Bible says.

Maybe you could have a certain night of the week be "Bible Presentation Night". Each week a different child can present their story. Afterwards read the Bible passage again together to see if it was accurately portrayed. Then your job is to ask some "getting deeper" questions to help your children glean lessons from the Bible story. 

Be sure to not let anyone
make fun of or criticize the quality
of your child's presentation.

Here's an example of a creative writing devotion I wrote in the form of a journal entry:

I went to the temple today because I wanted to tell God I love Him. I know I can tell Him anywhere, but somehow it seems like He's listening more intently there. 
While I was standing in corner, trying to inconspicuously talk to God, I felt God's love for me so strongly that I wanted to give Him something. All I had was two copper coins.
And I do mean that's all I had, either with me or at home. 
I was convinced this wasn't just an emotional notion, but I could almost sense God asking me to obey Him and give Him my last two coins.
Just then I heard a trumpet blast and looked up to see a man dressed in fine, purple linen with gold trim emptying a huge bag of coins into the temple treasury. I noticed the "oohs" and "ahhs" from those who make it their entertainment to watch the offerings being given.
I silently wondered what difference my little bit would make to the temple. Perhaps they would lose them among the other coins, or even toss them out, not thinking it was worth picking them up. 
But, although I can't explain it--I certainly didn't hear a voice out loud--I knew God had a reason to be pushing me to give my last coins.
As I walked up to the treasury I could feel all eyes on my ragged clothes and stooped shoulders. I almost lost my nerve when I heard whispers and even snickers, but I quickly tossed my coins in and walked away, eyes toward the ground, so I wouldn't see the judgmental sneers.
I did notice that new rabbi they speak of so much and His disciples sitting opposite the treasury. Out of curiosity I snuck a glance at them. The looks on their faces surprised me no end. His disciples had looks of amazement on their faces as though they had just been told something they couldn't comprehend. Then I glanced at the one they call Jesus of Nazareth and He was looking straight at me. But the look on His face, how can I describe it? It was full of love and compassion, and I knew it was meant for me.
Catching myself staring back, I quickly looked down and walked out of the temple. 
Now the day's light is just about gone. Why do I write of this insignificant act of mine? I wonder if I imagined God was asking me to obey. I wonder if there was a reason for it? I wonder if it will have any lasting value?
Mark 12: 41-44; Matthew 6:2

Possible Discussion Questions:
  1. Do you think the widow knew what Jesus said about her offering?
  2. Do you suppose it is possible she never knew that her act was a lesson for the disciples?
  3. What would she have thought if she knew people would be reading about it thousands of years later?
  4. What does this tell you about obeying God, even when it doesn't seem like there's a reason to obey?
Photo Credits: RK Scott

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  1. What a beautiful idea, Sharon! This activity is so meaningful, and can help develop children (and adults!) in so many ways. The pictures of your little sweetie are precious.

    Visiting from Say it Saturday :)

    Hope you have a great weekend,

    Love, Joy

  2. Beautiful ideas. My grandchildren were putting on Biblical plays Friday night.We celebrate their creativity! Sounds like you do, too...and the pictures are priceless.

    1. So glad to hear you are already doing this! I loved making up plays as a child. I wasn't able to get my own children as interested, but they loved Bible charades.

  3. wonderful post. Beautiful. thanks for sharing at Raising Imperfection.
    Sew Crafty Angel

  4. The children are adorable! Great shots and great idea :)

  5. Hi Sharon, over from Grand Social. What a wonderful activity for the children. I am thinking about adopting that idea to fit my adult Faith Group. All our grands are adults now but we did things like that when they were small. Blessings.

    1. I think it would help adults as much as children!

  6. So adorable & lovely post thanks for sharing @DearCreatives! Hope your having a great week!

  7. Such a good idea, Sharon!! What cute children!!! I will Pin this so others can find it.



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