Friday, January 31, 2014

Family Valentines

I love Valentines Day!

Of course, I love celebrations, so Valentine's Day is an excuse to celebrate! I go neither for the super romantic date evening nor the Pinteresty all out decorations and glitz. I prefer to just celebrate love with those I love, and with those who could use a reminder that they need love.

Here are some of my ideas to include in your family and around your table. I hope these ideas inspire you to celebrate love with whomever you can and to be listening for who God puts on your heart to show love to.

Secret Valentines (This is one of my favorites!)
When I was in college we had "Secret Heart Sisters" during Valentine's week. We all chose names from from a bowl full of papers with our names and all week we were supposed to secretly express love to the girl whose name we had picked. I can remember wandering around the dorms trying to look nonchalant as I carried a large poster board heart in a hallway I had never ventured down before to decorate my Secret Heart Sister's dorm door.

When our children were young, a couple of years we decided to do this with our family. Every evening during the week before Valentines, we chose names for the next day. We were supposed to be "good fairies" of love. Some of the things we secretly did for one another:
  • made their bed while they were in the bathroom
  • left a chocolate on their pillow
  • wrote a note telling them what we appreciated about them
  • bought a small gift for them
  • raced to do one of their chores before they got the chance
  • gave them a card
It was so fun to watch our children who normally squabbled, like kids in all families, trying to find ways to show each other love.

Last year we did this again with our kids who live in town, except that we all lived in different homes (a dorm, an apartment, and two houses) it became a little more difficult and required more creativity. To make it easier we went back to the whole week with just one person to show love to. Some of the favorites were:

  • an avocado waiting at the front desk of college. The receptionist said the reaction was so great that she felt like she'd gotten a present!
  • cut out hearts all found all over the house, in kleenex boxes, drawers, between plates!
  • a surprise bouquet of flowers
  • My most fun was driving downtown to near where my daughter was studying and finding her car (after searching for 15 minutes) and decorating it with a gigantic bow!

Send Cards to Those Who Don't Expect Them

Every year I make more than a dozen cards and send them to widows and divorcees who don't have someone special to send them a card filled with love. At least two widows have told me that my card is the only Valentine's card they receive and they enjoy it so much. Who do you know that might need a small dose of love this year?

Tell Them Why You Love Them
I recently heard a guest on a radio program tell about her first year as single mom. She had no money for Valentines so she cut out paper hearts and put a mobile of them together for each child. Each mobile had the child's name on one heart and one attribute she loved about them on each of the others. She hung these from the kitchen ceiling late on February 13 so they saw them when they got up on Valentines'. The next year on the 13th they asked if she was going to do it again. Guess what she stayed up late doing? When a friend came over and asked what they were, her son said, "Oh my mom does that every year." A tradition was born! 

Have you told your kids what you love about them? How can you do this around your table for Valentines?

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  1. Awwww, these are awesome - and TOTALLY Pinterest-worthy (I don't go for glam on Pinterest, tho I never mind if there's some there - I go for fun, practical, resource-full, useful, and AWWWWW-some like this (which is getting pinned as soon as I leave) ;) ) Have a blessed week and a joy-filled Valentine's month. :)

  2. Great ideas!
    Thanks for sharing :-)



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