Friday, March 21, 2014

Hospitality -- Pure Enjoyment!

Why don't we have more people to our homes for meals? (check as many as apply)

 not enough time
 not enough money
 too much work
 who cooks?
 they are busy
 we are busy
 house not clean enough
 not enough energy
 something might get dirty
 something might get broken
 it makes me nervous
 __________________(fill in your reason)

We recently had some missionaries to Hong Kong (serving in China) stay with us for several days. The last evening we invited one of the missions professors from Emmaus Bible College, a visiting adjunct professor/missionary, and three Inter-Cultural Studies students (including our daughter) to have dinner with us. 

I fixed my super easy slow-cooker chicken in cranberry sauce, rice, and my ever popular oven-roasted carrots, we sat down to eat and the laughing began!

With all those missionary and studious types there you'd think we would be discussing deep topics with enormous ramifications. And we did talk about important things like how to reach the lost, language learning, different cultures, verses of encouragement, current events and issues, future plans and how to know God's will. But it was all punctuated by laughter.

Then we talked about the Queen of England and James Bond, funny language errors, and Mr. Bean!

We ended up the evening watching a series of YouTube clips that had us still laughing with our guests the next morning.

Like this one about a horrible language translator.
And this one about Mr. Bean at the London Olympics opening.

But our favorite was this one:

Even though all the Germans we know (including our son-in-law) understand English much better than this one, we watched it several times because it tickled our funny bones so much! (That probably had to do with the wonderful laughter of two of our guests!)

What I'm trying to say is you never know what you'll be missing by ticking off the anti-hospitality excuses above. 

Practice hospitality this week. I think you'll be glad you did!

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  1. Sharon, thanks for nudging me toward hospitality (and for sharing the great recipes!). So lovely to "meet you" through Michelle's link up this week! :)

    1. Great to meet you, too, Lyli. Hospitality is all about getting to know people!

  2. Oh, I've used such excuses time and time again. Time to stop that and follow your lead. Sounds like a fabulous time with your guests. Thank you for sharing!

    1. I have a goal this year of having non-family guests twice a month and one of those times having someone I've never had before to my house. So far, it's been great!

  3. You have such a great meal ministry. What a great example for your kids - a sweet spiritual legacy! (The dinner sounds yummy too! :) )



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