Thursday, March 6, 2014

Shamrock Eggs!

I'm Irish.

But I'm not that kind of Irish.

My paternal grandfather came from Northern Ireland just after the first World War. He was brave to leave his home and family, not knowing if he'd ever see any of them again. (He did get to see them again, and I've even gotten to know some my relatives from the "old country".)

But even though Northern Ireland has a tomb of Patrick of Ireland, if you go to the Republic of Ireland you'll find another, and I think it's those Irish-Americans who really claim the holiday. I don't celebrate it they way they do, but I'll take any excuse to celebrate! I especially did when my kids were at home.

Since we lived in South America, it wasn't celebrated at all there, and I took my kids by surprise many years when they poured milk on their cereal on March 17 and it was dyed green.

We always read a St. Patrick story that I wrote and some years the kids would act it out. Next week I'll share the St. Patrick story one of my daughters-in-law wrote for her students when she was a school teacher, for you to read to your children.

This year I found an idea here that I thought sounded great for two empty nesters--a more grown up touch, you might say. 

It wasn't as hard as I was afraid it would be. 

  • I sliced  a green bell pepper about a quarter of an inch thick in several slices looking for the part that looked most shamrock-like. 
  • I put a teaspoon of olive oil in my frying pan and let it heat a bit. Then I cooked the pepper briefly. 
  • Holding down the pepper with several fingers of one hand, I poured one small egg from a measuring up into each pepper ring. 
  • I salted and peppered as usual and let it cook on medium heat for a while, until it looked like it was a little more than half way cooked. 
  • Then I added about two tablespoons of water and put the lid on the pan. Since my cover is see through, I could watch the eggs. 

A little bit of the white had escaped, but it wasn't noticeable when I put the cooked egg on my plate.

I also did a "kid version". This one is eggs in the hole, only the "hole" is shamrock shaped. 

Well, it was a good idea

But the I toasted the pieces I cut out in our toaster oven, and maybe if I hadn't turned the egg, but just let them cook slowly through the shamrock shape would have been more visible. Maybe you can do better. Let me know!

Do you need some table decorations? How about using washable paint and the tops of those peppers to create shamrock placemats, table runners, or even a table cloth? This is my granddaughter a year ago at 1 3/4s working on these decorations. Don't you love the concentration!

Photo Credit: A. Fleming

Whether you go the easy route (green milk), the gourmet path (eggs in peppers), or the kid-friendly version (eggs in a shamrock hole), surprise your kids with a bit'o'the Irish this St. Patricks Day. 

My kids still talk about green milk

And my oldest son does it for his children!

Don't forget to come back next week to get the real St. Patrick's Day story to read to your kids.

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  1. Cute ideas! I don't have kids so I'll have to remember them for later!

    Im here from the Spiritual Sundays link up.

    1. Put them on Pinterest! That might save them for future reference!

  2. I need to do this stuff for Carson! Thanks for linking up:)

  3. Such a cute idea. Thanks for linking up on Mom's Library last week. I have featured your article on Pounds4Pennies this week. I look forward to seeing what you have created this week.



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