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The Real Story of St. Patrick

When she was teaching at a preschool, my daughter-in-law wrote this story to explain to the children what St. Patrick's Day was really all about. If you have young children, you might want to read this to them tomorrow. It could spark a lot of conversations including what they know about how the world celebrates this day, about the bad choices the people of Ireland had been making, and about loving your enemies, to name a few.

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The Real Saint Patrick's Day

by Abby Fleming

Once, a long time ago, there was a beautiful land called Ireland. The people in Ireland were not happy, even though they lived in such a beautiful place. They were sad because, believe it or not, not one of them had ever heard about Jesus!

They made lots and lots of bad choices. They didn't know that their bad choices made God sad, and that they should be punished for them. They didn't know that Jesus took the punishment for their bad choices by dying on the cross, that he rose again, and that if they believed this that God would forgive them. No one had ever told them!
So they just kept making
                          and lots...
                                      and lots...
                                                 of BAD choices.

Patrick lived in another land near Ireland. He knew all about Jesus because his Daddy had taught him. He tried to make good choices. Sometimes, he made bad choices too, but he knew that God forgave him.

One night, some people from Ireland made a very, very bad choice.

Quietly, they snuck into Patrick's land...
                                           then, they snuck into his house...
                                                          then, they snuck into his room!

They made Patrick go with them to Ireland!!

Even though he was scared, Patrick knew that God was still with him, even in Ireland. When he got to Ireland, the people from Ireland made him do their work! They made him their servant, and they were not very nice to him at all. Remember, the people in Ireland didn't know Jesus, so they made lots  and lots of bad choices. One of those bad choices was being mean to poor Patrick.

Well, Patrick lived in Ireland for six whole years! For six years, he never went home, and he never saw his family.

Then one day...
                    he quietly, quietly snuck away
                                        and he quietly, quietly snuck back home.

His family was so happy to see him! He was finally free!!

Patrick was happy for a while, but then he kept thinking about the people in Ireland. He felt sad that none of them knew Jesus. He wanted them to believe in Jesus and to have their bad choices forgiven.

So... Patrick did a crazy thing!! Patrick went back to Ireland!

Even though the people had been so mean to him, he went back and told them about JESUS! Lots of people heard him and believed in Jesus and had their bad choices forgiven.

Today, there are people in Ireland who love Jesus and make lots of good choices. Since Patrick was the first person to tell the people in Ireland about Jesus, they decided to have a special day for him. They called it Saint Patrick's Day! And that is why we celebrate today.

Abby Fleming graduated from Emmaus Bible College with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and Biblical Studies. Also at Emmaus, she met and married Daniel. They have been married almost 8 years now and have a beautiful almost 3 year old daughter and a 17 month old son. After the birth of their daughter, Abby and Daniel decided together that she could work as a full time Mommy. Currently, Abby and her husband are living in the Chicago area as he pursues further education.

*   *   *   *   *

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  1. Thanks for sharing the true meaning of St. Patrick's Day. Thanks for linking up with My Favorite Things party! Stop by anytime! & hope to see you again this week. Theresa @DearCreatives

  2. I don't know Patrick because I come from Poland. Now I have known. Thanks
    Thanks for linking up at "My Favorite Things- Linky Party"
    Have fun and don’t forget to join us each week!
    Be Creative Mommy

  3. As an Irish person who has studied Irish history their whole life, I believe many stories about St. Patrick are a matter of interpretation, bias and personal beliefs.



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