Friday, April 25, 2014

Which TV Mealtime Mom Are You?

Ever wonder which TV Mom you are most like? Based on family mealtimes, my personal opinion, and not much science factored in, I have a fun quiz for you to find out:

1. How far in advance do you plan what’s for dinner? 
 A. One month 
 B. A week 
 C. That afternoon 

2. Getting your child to help with dinner means: 
 A. Telling her to put the napkins around the already set table 
 B. Ask him to make a dessert 
 C. Let her follow a recipe for meatballs by herself.

3. As a kid, what were the themes of your imaginary tea parties? 
 A. Finger sandwiches, and herbal tea served in miniature china tea cups -- My dolls got the best!  
 B. Oreos and hot cocoa -- Mom thought it was “cute” and I got the treat!
 C. Tea parties? 

4. Your child wants to invite a friend to dinner. You:
 A. Check your menu for the next week and look for an evening when you could stretch the food to include someone extra, provided they have good table manners
 B. Are thrilled and add a potato to the pot
 C. Figure one more, one less, no problem

5. Where do your family members sit at dinner? 
 A. Each child has a set place with a placemat of one of their favorite places we’ve been on vacation. 
 B. I sit closest to the refrigerator, my husband opposite me; the kids sit within arms’ reach of one of us.  
C. Everyone sits where they want--it’s different every time

6. What is your “go to” dinner when you don’t know what to make? 
 A. The extra enchilada casserole from the freezer. I made it the last time I made enchiladas
 B. Chef salad consisting of lettuce and everything in the cheese and meat drawer, with whatever dressing  is open in the door of the fridge
 C. Blue box of mac’n’cheese, hopefully

8. The menu is complete, and you are deciding on the centerpiece. You choose: 
 A. Handmade, carefully thought-out items that match the meal’s ethnicity and the season of the year perfectly 
 B. A pretty bowl with whatever fruit is in the fridge
 C. Wait. Centerpiece?

9. After your dinner, what happens to the leftovers? 
 A. I chop them up and freeze them separately. Each one is destined for a pre-planned meal in the coming 2 weeks 
 B. Reheat them for tomorrow night’s dinner
 C. Store them in unmarked plasticware until they grow mold; then I throw them out

6. It took you two hours to prepare a fantastic, well-balanced meal, which your 6 year old refuses to eat. You 
 A. Have a two bite rule for every new food. He must develop a taste for all foods 
 B. Think some foods are “grown-up” and shouldn’t be forced on kids. You only ask him to finish the one he likes
C.  Provide him with a completely alternate meal that you make while your husband eats. 

7. You usually decide what to make for dinner based on:
 A. What is on sale at the grocery store this week and will provide a balanced diet for your children
 B. A family consensus based on past responses to your meals
 C. Whatever is easiest

8. Your child talks with his mouth full, has his elbows on the table, and constantly interrupts. You:
 A. Call a family meeting after dinner to show a downloaded Miss Manners video on proper table etiquette
 B. Ask him to say “Excuse me” instead of interrupting and plan to bring up manners at dinner the next night asking everyone to contribute ideas as to what should be expected at dinner
 C. Ignore her

9. You are at dinner when your phone rings and you can see it is a call you want to take. You
 A. Decide that rules are rules and you can’t answer your phone 
 B. Explain that you’ve been playing phone tag with this person for two weeks and must excuse yourself to take the call
 C. Answer the phone at the table and then check your email quickly after disconnecting

10. Your 7 year old daughter suddenly stands up by her chair and does a perfect imitation of her teacher’s foibles. You:
 A. Give her a look which she knows means to sit down and eat quietly and you will talk to her later.
 B. You laugh and applaud her, then ask her to finish her dinner
 C. You laugh and applaud her and ask her to do an imitation of you to which you give the same response, no matter how unflattering it is

11. Your philosophy for family mealtimes is:
 A. Every evening at 6. Come prepared for a lively and informed discussion of current events
 B. We should eat together, as often as possible, and enjoy each other while learning how to behave at meals
 C. Haven’t really thought about it. We eat, sometimes together.


All “A” -- June Cleaver! You are the mother everyone wants to be, organized, efficient, and maybe just a tad OCD. You might want to find an area or two in which you can loosen up just a bit.

Mostly “A” and “B” -- Carol Brady! Your children will rise up and call you blessed--some day. Don’t give up, you have the right balance and your family will learn to eat together without some distant point in the future.

Mostly “B” and “C” -- Claire Huxtable! You are comfortable to be around and know how to have fun. Your kids may not have perfect manners right now (whose kids do?) but they’ll grow up to be well adjusted.

Mostly “C” -- Debra Barone! You are the glue that keeps your family together, laid back about mealtime, and believe your kids will figure out how to act at important events in the future. In the meantime, you applaud yourself for having family meals at all, and so you should, however, it might be a little easier if you planned ahead now and then.

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  1. what a fun quiz! looks like I'm Carol Brady - no wonder since I grew up watching Brady Bunch. I'll be sharing this on facebook to see how my readers score!

  2. Clare here!! From the Grand Social and ♥ this- gotta share! BB2U

    1. Thanks for sharing this! Hope it was fun!



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