Friday, May 9, 2014

Taking Conversation to the Next Level

Would it surprise you to learn that I often have nothing to say?

Sit me down with people who I hardly know, and my brain quits working. I have actually prayed for a question to come to mind that I could ask that goes beyond, "How are you?" and "Isn't it cold/hot/wet/nice out?"

Not too long ago I was with a young married woman I had never met before and both of us were struggling to come up with conversation. I tried to remember one of the "Conversation Starter" questions I have written over the years and finally asked her what her hobbies are.

I soon learned that we share hobbies--love of writing and creating our own greeting cards to give and send. She is from a different generation (almost 30 years younger than me), a different culture (Indian), living in a different country (Qatar), her first (and probably second) languages are ones I do not know, she works professionally full-time (something I have never done), has no children (yet), and shares a house with her in-laws (something I only did on furloughs). But we have developed a friendship and I have been able to give her ideas for cards via the wonders of the Internet.

That's why I love Conversation Starter questions. A simple question can connect people, bring a smile, and make a friend. 

That's why I post one every weekday on my Around the Table Book Facebook page. That's why I'm offering you printable cards of 50 of my Conversation Starter questions to use with your family, friends, and people you just met.

Click the links below to get printable versions of the conversation starting question cards. They are formatted to print directly on Avery® Business Cards 28878  (Avery®  Template 8371or print them onto cardstock and the guidelines will show where to cut to get cards of uniform size.

Conversation Starter Cards #1
Conversation Starter Cards #2
Conversation Starter Cards #3
Conversation Starter Cards #4
Conversation Starter Cards #5

For 50 more printable conversation cards, click here.
For trivia question cards, click here.
For end of year conversation starter cards click here.

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  1. What a wonderful idea. I am retired but worded in the medical profession as an x-ray tech, then went to college to become a nurse. I am retired and have never had a problem with conversations. I will be following your blog but do not want to take the give away so that someone who really needs and would like to learn. One of the most important things I have learned is not saying anything can be okay also. Blessings to you and yours.



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