Thursday, June 26, 2014

Praying Through the Week

Slightly off the family mealtime topic, this is part of the whole person who I am, and more important.

I've recently been reminded, in the way I'd rather not, to pray for my friends' children's faithfulness and obedience to the Lord and for all my married friends to be faithful to God and to each other.  

This isn't the first time a shock has given me this reminder, but I realized I'd fallen away from this petition when I pray through my list. As I was praying one day not long ago, I wondered how I could remember to keep that as one of my requests, even for people I least expect needing it.

Then I thought, well, that could be my Friday special request. I'd be able to remember because of the F in both words.

Since I have a "rotating" prayer list, this would probably mean that everyone on my list would at sometime over the period of a couple of months have faithfulness prayed for them. (I'll explain how I do my prayer list in another post.)

Then I figured I should think of some quality or characteristic to be prayed each day of the week. Since that day was a Tuesday, I asked God what I should pray for that began with T. The word that came to mind was Tough. Yes, I thought it was a strange word to be praying as well. But as each person's name came up on my list I thought of "toughness" needed in a different way in their lives.

So I started thinking of how I could use this for each day of the week. As I pray for my family and others, so you could use a list similar to this as well. Ask God what you should be praying for in the lives of those you love--and yourself! Feel free to use some or all of my ideas, but maybe you'll have some ideas of your own as well.

Here are the qualities, and some of the ways I have thought of to pray for the various people on my list, to develop them in their lives. I don't pray every area for everyone, but these are some of the ways I have interpreted these general areas in the lives of the various people in my family and around the world whom I pray for. 

Sunday--Sensitivity,  the ability to listen; the ability to remember similar situations in their own life as those they are talking with; think before they speak; ask questions of others to draw them out; listen more than talking; willing to sit with someone without demanding they talk; more grateful, less critical.

Monday--Mission, define purpose for now, for life; know God's will for job, studies; be open to new areas of ministry; re-evaluate how they are spending time on a daily basis; seek God's will about goals; try to work toward goals at least one step per week; know where to live; what lifestyle God wants for them; how to spend their money.

Tuesday--Tough, be strong in their own emotional make up; be strong in the dependence on and trust in the Lord; be strong in their convictions; strong enough to realize they need God; tough in their convictions about the truth; tough enough to stand up to persecution; tough in their love (disciplining children, expecting faithfulness and care from their spouse); tough on themselves in self-discipline; tough enough to get up and go to church when no one makes them; tough workers; tough on themselves in their use of time.

Wednesday--Wisdom, that they would know God and revere Him as that is the beginning of wisdom; that they would saturate their minds with scripture and glean their wisdom from there; that they would be aware of worldly wisdom and not begin to practice it; that they would be wise in each decision they make throughout the day; wise with money; wise with time; wise with friendships; wise with love; wise in setting goals; wise in whom they seek advice from.

Thursday--Thirsty, (this came from Matthew 5:6, "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.") Thirsty for the truth; thirst after righteousness; thirst for God's will; thirst for Christian fellowship; thirst for what is eternal; thirst for the knowledge of God; thirst to please God with their lives; thirst for contentment; thirst for a balanced life; thirst to abide in Christ.

Friday--Faithful, to God; in marriage; to their children; to their parents; in their work; in their ministries; in their responsibilities; to their goals and purpose; to keep their word; to obey God; to use their God-given talents and spiritual gift; faithful to pass on to others what they have learned.

Saturday--Self-Control (self-discipline), in their thought life; in their actions; in their words; in their exercise; in their diet; in their use of time; in their witness; to over come fears (1 Tim. 1:7); to step out of their comfort zone when God nudges them; with their money; with what they watch; to work; to study; to help others; to not seek only their own comfort.

Of course, I continue to pray for other qualities and needs in their lives, but this is one way to add important values to my prayer life.

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  1. I hope you don't mind if I copy this into my prayer journal. What a blessing to have these areas prayed over. Thank you, Sharon, for taking time to share it. ~Pamela

    1. I'm honored, Pamela, that you would want to use these ideas in your prayer life.

  2. That's a really good way to pray! Prayer is extremely personal, and I have my own techniques. But it is always inspirational to hear how other people pray. I briefly mentioned my own prayer technique in a blog post several months ago, if you're interested:

  3. This is a great way to organize petition prayers. It seems a little strange to think of prayer and organization together perhaps -- but if we are truthful, a reminder of our intentions is good and necessary! thanks for sharing!



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