Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Dinner Guests We Forgot Were Coming

We had a veritable United Nations around our table.

Leon and I went to college together. We were both born in the states. His wife, Linda, is Bolivian and they have raised their three now-grown children (two were at our table) in Mexico. 

Roger's parents are Canadian and Spanish and he grew up in Spain. Rosana, his wife, whose parents are Chilean and Brazilian, grew up in Brazil where they live now. 

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My husband was born in South Africa and we lived most of our married life in Peru and Colombia.

It was a fun group to bring together. They hit it off right away and we were all switching back and forth from Spanish to English comparing traditions and lifestyles in the various countries we come from and have lived in while eating a very American summer supper of pasta salad, lettuce and grilled chicken salad, and fruit salad.

Then the phone rang.

I'm sure glad they called. And I'm glad we decided not to ignore the phone call during the meal, because two more people called to say they would be late to dinner...two people I had forgotten about! I blame it on inviting them just before we went away for our anniversary last week. ;-)

I stood up and said, "We need to put a leaf in!" Everyone cleared their dishes to one end or the other of the table. The table runner and centerpiece went to one side. People on the ends pulled the table apart while my husband brought the table leaf. A guest ran to the bedrooms to get two more chairs. Another guest set two places. I added the rest of my lettuce in the green salad. Thankfully I had made a large pasta salad! With everything set, we all breathed a sigh of relief, laughed, and carried on eating.

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When our new guests arrived, completing our tour of continents as he was born in Japan to American parents and that is where they currently live, we just said, "We went ahead and started."

The conversation switched to all English and we found out about the traditions and lifestyles in Japan, too!

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  

Why do I tell you this story? 
Because it should have been a comedy on a TV show.
Because we all make mistakes.
Because even forgetting that guests are coming can turn into a wonderful memory. 

Don't sweat the small things. Roll with life. Enjoy yourself. Whether it's burning the family's dinner or leaving a child at church (yup, we did that, too!) If you can laugh at your own mistakes everyone enjoys being with you, even your kids.

Laugh around your table tonight.

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  1. Very fun story, I love it! Sounds just like what I would do, adding my lettuce to their salad, in fact I'm pretty sure I have!

    1. Lizzy, I didn't mean I took lettuce off my plate--it came out of the fridge! But it turned out to be very funny and the guests who were already there were very understanding and helpful.

  2. Funny - probably a panic time at the moment, but a funny family story for later on. :) Thank you for sharing.

  3. Wonderful story! Sounds like our house -- there is always room for more at the table.

  4. Oh I wish I could be more like this! I entertained most of my life, but lately found it to be difficult. I'm wondering if I need to simplify the way I entertain. I so enjoyed reading about the countries involved. I always enjoy my visits with you. ~Pamela

    1. I would not have reacted this way 20 years ago, possibly not even five. I was happy that God helped me at that moment. I think having other guests present probably tempered my reaction! I love it that even in Iowa I still get to have visitors from all over the world. Thanks for enjoying our visits; I hope you'll tell young homemakers about the blog.



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