Thursday, September 11, 2014

Time Hop: Dinner Conversation With Kids

One night at the dinner table I asked my family, “If you could ask God any question, what would it be?”

Five year old Rosana said, “Why does the earth go around?”

Then Samuel, who at that time was four and had an interest in spiritual beings, said, “I’d ask, ‘How many angels do you have?’”

“Why is the sky blue?” was the question of Daniel, our oldest who had just turned nine. He has been asking us difficult questions ever since he learned to talk.

Dinner at our house with friends circa 1995

My husband, Jim, asked another question of the kids: “When we are in heaven will we all be able to talk to God at once?”

“I’ve never thought about that,” I chimed in. “Right now people all over the world speak to Him at once, but when we are there will we take turns?” 

Daniel suggested, “Since God is three Persons, He could talk with at least three humans at once.”

Changing the subject a little, Rosana asked, “Will there be clocks in heaven?” I’m sure she was wondering if learning to tell time was worth the struggle she was currently going through. Jim answered that there would neither be time or night.

If there would not be any night, Samuel wanted to know, “Are we going to sleep in heaven?”

We answered, “Probably not, because God is the light of heaven and His light never goes out. Besides, we’ll have different bodies that won’t get tired.”

Rosana remembered the verse, “Jesus is the light of the world.”

“And of heaven,” added Jim.

Then I asked, “What color is God?”

Immediately Rosana, who is of Peruvian descent with beautiful olive skin, held out her arm and called, “Jesus has skin the same color as me.”

I affirmed that Jesus, being from the Middle East, probably had darker skin than we see in art that depicts Him. “But,” I added, “If God is light, what color is light?”

“White,” answered Daniel.

There were two lit candles on the table. I pointed to them and asked, “What color is the light of these candles?”

“Yellow!” they all answered at once.

To get them to think a little more, I said, “The Bible also tells us that God is love. What color is love?”

Quickly Samuel responded, “Red!”

That was the end of that part of our conversation that night. I don’t remember what interrupted us—probably the cries of baby Christina, someone asking for more tomatoes, or an upset glass of milk.  

It is Possible
Later that same night I made notes on the conversation so that I wouldn’t forget it. As I thought about what we had said, I realized that we had succeeded in having a conversation that was significant in many ways. We got to know our children a little better. Without lectures or formal studies they were able to learn a little theology (the study of God) and about heaven and eternity. We had all participated without fear of being ridiculed. Above all, it had been an enjoyable time that I wanted to be able to repeat.

I had read about conversations like that! And here we had actually done it!


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