Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fit This In {A Dinnertime Game}

One time we were planning to have a group over who we felt were prone to negativity and critical remarks and we wanted a way to head this off before the pass. After praying for creativity and the ability to always respond about the glass being half full, I started researching after dinner games. That's where I found a game I call, "Can You Fit This In [Around Your Table]?"

I wrote up and printed out three statements for each person at the table. These phrases were things I didn't expect anyone would say without being prompted. The first one wasn't too outrageous, the next one a little moreso, but the third was ridiculous. These were things like""I'm sorry. If you were right, I'd agree with you." "Did Adam and Eve have navels?" "I choked a Smurf to see what color he would turn."

Under each plate I placed one slip of paper without thought for who would sit where. After we gave thanks, I told each person about the paper and told them to slip it out without letting anyone else see what it said. Their goal was to "Fit In" all of the statements during the course of the meal without anyone discovering it.

At first everyone was busy reading their crazy phrases and trying to think how this was going to work and I began to wonder if the silence was a death knell for any conversation. My first phrase happened to be, "How silently, how silently," so I used it then and everyone laughed nervously and started general conversation.

Because I had written all the statements I soon started picking up hearing one here and there. Sometimes people gave the speaker funny looks, but no one really called another out on it. I started getting smirks from people as they delivered their lines. My husband winked at me and said something ridiculous that I recognized as one of my masterpieces.

Conversation picked up and, at times, became completely silly, but everyone was having a good time and no one was griping, criticizing, or making sarcastic comments--at least no comments that hadn't been scripted.

The evening turned out great and I'm looking forward to trying this again sometime, even when I'm not expecting the worst.

Whether you are trying to avoid unpleasant conversation or just want to have some fun with family or friends, this would be a great table game to try. To make it easy for you to try, I have written up some phrases for you to use with your guests. Click here for printable game instructions and phrases.

*Disclaimer* The people in the photos
 are not the people I thought would be critical!

NEWS: Monday I became a grandmother for the third time! Little Martin and Mommy are healthy as are his big brother and sister! I'm at their house helping out this week.

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  1. Hi! I'm visiting form Grandma's Briefs. I enjoyed reading about your dinner game--it sounds like a fun idea and a nice way to get children involved with adult conversations when they begin to get restless. Congratulations on your new grandson!



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