Thursday, February 19, 2015

Unsurpassable Memories Around the Table

Two weeks ago I got to spend a week with my son and daughter-in-law helping after their third child was born. Every meal was a delight to this grandma. Here's a sample of the joys that only come at family meals.

Two year old "Kiké" came gallop-jumping into the kitchen calling out, “Da! Da! Da!” and holding his beloved toy dog, Da. Mommy reached over, retrieved Da, and said, “Da can watch you eat from here, as she placed him safely out of reach.

Three and a half year old "Preciosa" took longer to arrive, coming in belly crawling. When she arrived at our feet she said, “I’m a snake!”

Daddy answered with a smile, “I can sssssee that. Missssss Sssssnake please come sssssit in your chair.”

Both children climbed up into their chairs. Preciosa struggled with the buckles on the booster seat until she was snapped in. “Well,” shrugging, Mommy said, “At least she has to sit facing forward that way.” Preciosa also managed to fasten the velcro on her bib while Mommy helped Kiké with his.

Preciosa surveyed the breakfast table. “Pancakes! Blueberries!” she exclaimed.

“ ‘An. Cakes. Boo. Bewwies.” echoed Kiké, who says every word with a period after it.

We all held hands and Daddy asked Preciosa if she would like to pray. Eyes scrunched tight shut she said, “Thank you for this good day and for Mommy and Daddy and baby and the snow and this good meal. Amen!”

“Ah. Men.” echoed Kiké.

While Daddy put peanut butter and jam on Preciosa’s pancake, Mommy took care of Kiké’s. “Can I please have some blueberries?” asked Preciosa. 

“Since you asked so nicely you may have a few now, but then you need to eat your pancake before you have more,” Daddy answered.

Watching Preciosa get a dozen or so blueberries, Kiké said, “Boo. Bewwies.”

“How do you ask?” 

“Boo. Bewwies. Peas.” Head nodding in emphasis of each word.

Preciosa daintily ate her blueberries two at a time while Kiké stuffed half of his in his mouth at once. Preciosa carefully ate her pancake so the jam and peanut butter went mostly into her mouth. Kiké grabbed his with two hands and took a bite out of the middle, leaving a smear of peanut butter and raspberry jam on both cheeks. 

When Preciosa had finished she announced, “My plate is empty.”

“Yes it is,” said Daddy.

“I want more,” said Preciosa. 

“How do you ask?” prompted Daddy.

“Please may I have some more pancake?” 

And she got some more. Which caused a little more jam to stay on her face. 

Preciosa and Kiké looked at each other and saw the food on the other’s face, each made a face, and then giggled impishly, which struck them even funnier and the giggling got louder until all of us were smiling. 

“Kiké, do you want some more pancake?” asked Mommy. 

Being two, Kiké said, “No,” and held up his plate for more.

When Preciosa had finished four pancakes and Kiké was mushing up his third, Mommy asked him, “Kiké, are you all done or still eating?” 

“Till. Eatin’.” But after a few more mushes he proclaimed, “All. Done.”

“Would you like to say some verses to get some raisins?” Daddy asked.

“Yes please!” said Preciosa.

“Eth. Peas.” echoed Kiké.

Preciosa said four review verses, complete with motions, and received a small handful of raisins. Kiké said, “God. Is. Love.” and got some raisins. When they had finished eating those, they each said their new verse for more raisins.

Daddy ran some water till it got warm and dampened the wash cloths. Preciosa took her own and started playing with it. “I’m Mr. Washcloth and I’m going to eat your nose!” The cloth in her hand grabbed her own nose and said, “Nom, nom, nom” in a deep growly voice. Then Preciosa held out the washcloth again and said, “I’m Mr. Washcloth and I’m going to eat your cheek!” The cloth scrubbed the side of her face while saying, “Nom, nom, nom.” And so it went until Preciosa was all clean. 

The two got down from the table to go play, leaving behind a sticky mess on the table, raisins on the floor, milked dripped down the chair, lots of smiles, and unsurpassable memories.

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  1. It's amazing how many things you're actually teaching when you sit down to a family meal (about your values, your religious beliefs, social skills, manners... and it all happens in the 10 minutes it takes them to eat their food and then run away to play!)

    Stopping from Titus2Tuesday, thanks for the glimpse into your morning.

    1. it really is amazing, isn't it! And it's worth the effort and mess. So many fun memories and conversations happen at the table, but they don't just happen when the kids are grown up, they have to start young.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing with Adorned From Above's Link Party. Look for the new party up tonight.
    Have a great week.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above



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