Thursday, April 30, 2015

Keeping Memories--16 Photos You Must Take

Years ago our nephew asked his mom if he could watch the "Happy Birthday" video. It took her a moment to realize that was the video of his cousins who lived in South America. 

Apparently most of the times we remembered to take videos was birthday parties. When we got a long enough segment we sent it up to the grandparents who shared it with other family members. A large part of the video was made up of people singing happy birthday to one or the other member of the family!

What the grandparents would really love to have seen would have been everyday life. And that's what we'd like to be able to look back at in photos, too.

Here's a list of 15 photos you should take every year of every child:

1. Your child sleeping -- aren't they angels?

2. Eating breakfast -- whatever you normally do.

3. Leaving for school -- not "First Day of..." but a regular day in t-shirt and jeans dragging that old book bag or riding the skateboard.

4. In the classroom -- get permission from the teacher to take a photo of the class while she's teaching; yes, you will be that Mom (or Dad), but everyone will be happy for that picture later.

5. With their best friends -- go ahead and pose them together, but try to catch them in a candid gathering too. My best friend and I used to often come home and sit on snack stools at the kitchen counter and giggle our way through cookies and milk. That would have been a great picture memory to keep!

6. Playing their favorite game -- whether that's on a screen or around a board.

7. Practice at their sport -- don't just photograph the event and (hopefully) the trophy, get some pictures of the everyday practices.

8. Everyone in the car -- do a selfie from the front seat of everyone in their seats as you go to the multitude of errands, lessons, practices, and orthodontist appointments.

9. Doing their homework -- do they sprawl on the floor, sit up in bed, work at the kitchen table? However they do it, take a picture to remember that.

10. In their favorite outfit -- having trouble getting them to wear something besides that t-shirt from camp and their favorite, now too small, jeans with the holes? Keep photographic evidence. (Actually I'm rather glad my mom didn't keep a picture of the purple and white striped jeans shorts I wore all summer one year with purple knee socks!)

11. Practicing their music -- are they learning the violin? piano? recorder? It's worth remembering.

12. Doing their chores -- I wish I had pictures of my kids washing the dishes, setting the table, emptying the trash. They each have their own style and it would be fun to remember.

13. Playing -- Hopefully your kids play creatively. Sneak up on them and take a picture. Include friends if possible.

14. Family dinner -- on a regular day when it's just fish sticks and frozen mixed veggies.

15. Family fun -- what do you do together as a family? Go to the park? Ride bikes? Take a walk? Eat outside? Play board games? Whatever it is, record it with a picture!

16. Bedtime routine -- do you read stories, sing songs, holler goodnight? My grandkids have a fun routine of singing with Mommy and Daddy, I hope my photographer son gets pictures of that time.

You'll never be sorry for these visible reminders of family life. If you print out the photos or make a photo book, you can get them out and talk about them when they are grown up and you are all reminiscing. I promise, some day you will do that! We do.

Tell me what other pictures you would include!

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Do you have a meal to tell us about? 
Write me and let me know. 
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  1. ¡Que belleza! I've been taking photos of the kids living with us and making copies for their visits with their mother, now I'll takes photos with these ideas in mind and record these years of their childhood for them and her.

  2. My daughter was married this past Saturday. As part of the ceremony, she included at the end, the bedtime blessing we used to give them each night. Made her daddy cry (he didn't know it was going to be part of it). So, repeating words of blessing can make a great memory, too.

  3. I didn't take enough of these when the kids were home but I'm making up for it with the grand kids! It's so much easier these days - who'd have thought you could take pics on your phone and delete the 'baddies' before printing.?

  4. Great ideas; with homeschooling and blogging I tend to take more photos than the average mom but I am missing a few of these areas.



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