Thursday, April 16, 2015

Why You SHOULD Have Internet at Dinner

Be honest now. How many of you have played the game "Can We Guess Your Level of Education?" 

I'll be truthful, I did.

And I got PhD level! 

Even though I only have a bachelor's degree.

Okay, I think the quiz was designed to make you feel good about yourself, but there were a lot of questions on there that were topics around our table over the years, either when I was a child or when I was raising children.

When I was growing up and when our children were young, whenever a topic we had a question about came up, we walked to the bookshelf and chose the appropriate World Book encyclopedia to look it up.

But then came Google.

At some point during our children's upbringing we stopped lugging books to the table and ran to the desktop computer to "Google" whatever information we were interested in, reading loudly from the other room so everyone could hear.

We no longer have to shout.

If it's not a phone it's a tablet that can answer our questions. And I don't think it's all bad. 

Don't get me wrong; I still think there should be strict rules about phones, computers, and tablets at the table. Unless it is very important (and that is defined by the parents) no one should be holding an electronic conversation with someone while at the table. But using the Internet to learn, that can be useful. 

Everything in moderation.

We have also used the Internet to "eat" with people across the country or around the world. Our daughter lives in Germany so we have brought her to the table with us via the wonders of the Internet. It's fun!

Whether you are finding out where in the world a place you heard about is or are discussing current events the Internet can be a help.

Just don't let it be an interruption to your family time around the table.

*  *  *  *  *

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  1. Good post Sharon, and I agree when our family are together for dinner (not too often as they are all grown up and living away) we sit for hours talking and discussing everything and although we do not sit on our phones or ipads they are always there for the very reason you have said. Plus another reason - checking calendars for when we will next get together or for when my husband will be travelling or when we will be facetiming so they are a necessity now for us.

  2. Sandra, that's our situation now too, all around! Controlled use is a family enhancer.



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