Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cleaning House with a Full House

We had ten in our house over Memorial Day weekend. Five went home and two more arrived the same day and stayed for two weeks. I loved it! That's because they are my children, their spouses, and their children (a.k.a. my grandchildren!). 

But I wanted to do lots of fun things with them.

And cook them all their favorite meals.

And play games.

And visit.

But my house got pretty dirty during that time and that bothers my husband and I. It doesn't have to be perfect when we're having family time, but we like to get rid of visible dirt.

I didn't really think I should have to do this alone. So one day we went off to a local tourist town for a walkabout and lunch. At lunch I pulled out a piece of paper on which I had written five 20-30 minute jobs. 

I also asked them to take their personal belongings and put them in their rooms.

I told them I'd like them each to choose one job and do it in the afternoon when we got home and I would take the left over job. (My dad has dementia and didn't have to do anything, but even my 80 year old mom helped out!)

One daughter swept and mopped the kitchen and eating area floors. 

The other daughter cleaned the upstairs bathroom.

My son-in-law dusted in the living room and family room.

My mom cleaned her bathroom in the master bedroom.

And I vacuumed.

Whew! Two hours of work done in about half an hour! 

Doesn't look like a bathroom being used by 5 people, does it?

My husband and I were happy because the house was clean.

Everyone else was happy because they didn't have to work too much on their "vacation."

I do this whenever I have family visit for a week or more. It's such a great help to me and no one minds spending 20-30 minutes doing a job, especially if everyone else is doing it.

I do wonder what my German son-in-law will tell his mother about this, though.

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  1. Nice story. I love how everyone pitched when asked. Unfortunately, it doesn't work out that way for all families. You are blessed.

  2. I am quite impressed with this idea!

    In this season of my life, my husband and I currently have my daughter, son-in-law, my four month old granddaughter and their german shepherd living with us in our three bedroom 1000 sq ft ranch. It's been about a year-and-a-half that they have been living with us. And I LOVE IT!! I cherish every moment knowing that it won't last forever.

    But there is an area that I get frustrated in and can murmur to myself and that is the fact that I end up cleaning up after EVERYONE! I know that this is my home and my ministry and I should look at it that way, but there is nothing wrong with asking for help. I really liked your idea and thought it was reasonable and not off-putting.

    I think I may try it... :-)



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