Thursday, July 9, 2015

More Picnics than Restaurants

In my "Little Bits of Wisdom" birthday post I said, "Go on more picnics than to restaurants." I really believe it. I really do it.

I was getting my hair cut at a new place in town recently and the young beautician asked me what I like to do for fun. When I told her I like to go on picnics and for walks and hikes, she didn't know what to say. I pretty much ended that line of conversation!

But it's true. That is what I like to do.

You might think a picnic is more work. But think about it. If you have to work at your job for 1-2 hours to pay for a dinner for two at a medium nice restaurant, you've worked pretty hard. 

Here are 10 reasons I think picnics are better:

1. I'm eating healthier--I can make veggie salads and I don't deep fry anything! My potato salad isn't mostly mayo. Whatever I make is probably going to be fresher, cleaner, and healthier than average restaurant fare.

2. I'm wearing off calories instead of putting them on--Picnics lend themselves to walking around or even actually playing sports. Whether it's strolling over to the fence to watch the boats on the Mississippi, playing a game of bean bag toss, or an all out game of touch football, I am walking far more than I would be between the car and the restaurant booth.

3. I'm in the fresh air--Fresh air and sunshine is good for you, right? Not just your lungs and your vitamin D, but it's just good for you mentally to get out of doors and enjoy nature.

4. I'm appreciating God's handiwork--Nature is amazing. I love watching birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and sometimes other animals. The variety of greens that God has created is amazing. I just look around at everything I see and say, "How Great Thou Art!"

5. I'm saving money--See comments above!

6. I'm actually able to converse--Restaurants are crowded and noisy and so many of them have TVs going now that it's hard to carry on a conversation--especially when you have hard of hearing people in the family.

7. I have a quick escape from the ordinary--My husband is game for anything. So if I want to take a picnic to the park at the end of our street (really a very pretty place!) he's willing to take an hour and do that. We don't make a big deal, just go there and eat, maybe take a short walk and then come back to do our yard work or whatever we need to do at home. It's a wonderful change of place.

8. I can make the menu whatever I want--Do you have a signature sandwich of something like Nutella and cucumber? You can have it on your picnic! I enjoy lots of fresh veggies and fruit that restaurants can not keep on hand, at least not at an affordable price!

9. I'm relaxing more than in a noisy restaurant--The noise, the activity, the constant questions about if everything is fine (or the stress of trying to get your sever's attention), is just not relaxing. Sitting with a sandwich or a simple casserole of mac'n'cheese and iced tea, is much calmer.

10. I'm having more fun--Whether or not we have kids along, we have fun. We can laugh, get up and walk around, play a table game, play a lawn game, visit, or do whatever we consider fun...things we wouldn't be comfortable doing in a restaurant.

Convinced? Maybe not. That's okay. This keeps the parks less crowded for us to enjoy.

Looking for ideas for eating outside this summer? Click here.

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  1. Compelling reasons to start enjoying picnics again... would that be with or without my smart phone? ha ha Thanks for sharing. Linda @Crafts a la mode

    1. I hope you do enjoy some picnics this summer...without your phone! :-)

  2. Bonus: If you spill something, not a big deal because you're outside! At least, that's what I tell my daughter. ;) (visiting from Wholehearted Wednesday)

    1. Julie, that's a great bonus! What a good point to add! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. This post makes me want to go on a picnic right NOW!
    Great post!!!!

    1. Funny, when you wrote this, it was raining here! My own post inspired me! We had one last Friday and are having another tomorrow!

  4. We need to do more picnics. We don't eat out very often, especially as a family. It gets expensive AND my hubby's cooking tastes WAY better!

    1. How fun that your husband cooks! Mine can, but usually doesn't. That's okay. I enjoy it.



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