Thursday, August 13, 2015

People with Clean Houses Clean

Not too long ago I looked at my schedule. I could mow the lawn that day or I would not have time for nine days. It had only been a week in the heat of summer, so large parts of the grass had barely grown. The shaded parts were getting long, though. And if I waited another nine days, it would all look pretty bad. I decided to mow. 

As I pushed the mower along, there were times when I would survey the grass seeking some sign of wheel tracks so I could tell where I had mowed and where I hadn't. I figured my neighbors were looking out their windows thinking, "O.C.D." But believe me, I'm not!

My neighbors' always lovely yard

But you know what I realized, people with manicured lawns, mow, cut, and edge when others think they don't need it.

I had some further revelations.

People with clean houses, clean even when the house looks relatively clean.

Godly, wise older people got that way by walking with God every day. (This is one of my goals; actually, all of these are my goals!)

Thin people watch what they eat. All. The. Time.

Organized people (like my husband) are always organizing. (Which is different from the way I do it: always trying to organize.)

People who are never late, always leave when there's more time than they need to arrive. (And they get less speeding tickets!)

Think about it.

People who get a lot done, are always doing something.

Maybe my "revelations" are beyond obvious to you.

The point is, to get something done, we have to do it...All. The. Time.

You want to have family meals on a regular basis? Start planning before dinner time. In fact make plans at dinner the day before! 
Do what you always do, even when it doesn't look like it needs to be done and then you'll be one of those people that seems to have it all together. AND, you'll get around to family meals!

Okay, now where did I put that fingernail file...?

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For more thoughts on this see Noticing What We Do

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  1. Sometimes the simplest points are the biggest eye openers! Thanks, this will give me something to consider with school starting up again and the old routine falling back into place.



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