Thursday, September 17, 2015

Today in My House

  • My parents had coffee in the living room this morning before 7a.m. They've been with us for four months after making a huge life change. They lived in California for 42 years--starting with my last 8 years at home, so I say I'm from California (at least that's the short story). But Dad's memory is disappearing and Mom decided it was time she lived near one of her kids. They'll soon be moving into their own townhouse about a mile away. It's a new stage of life for them and for us.

  • We are REJOICING that a new granddaughter is on the way! We just found out that it's a girl, the first child of our second son and his wife. Our daughter-in-law had a miscarriage at this time last year, so we are doubly excited for them...and for us!

  • My daughter's room is quiet, neat, and empty. She moved back into the dorm for her senior year of college. This semester she's at college, next semester she does her internship for her intercultural studies in France. And then? We don't know what the Lord has for her. Will my husband and I become true empty nesters next May? How could that be?

  • My bed is half empty.  My husband is in Africa for his ministry with the Emmaus Bible Courses. At the end of last month we traveled together to a conference in France where we ministered to 80 missionaries who work all over Europe. Then we had a visit with our daughter in Germany. He left for Africa and few days later I came home for Labor Day weekend. I'm looking forward to picking him up this Sunday afternoon!

  • My notes are ready. I leave tomorrow morning to go to a small town in Minnesota along the Mississippi River to give the talks at a ladies' retreat entitled "Don't Waste the Pain" on how God uses the difficulties, trials, and pain in our lives to teach us and help others.

  • I'm still finding toys in the corners. My oldest son and his family came last weekend. We had a great time and I played with their three children a lot. My collection of toys was well used as well, and I keep finding little people and other things as I clean. Fun reminders!

*  *  *  *  *

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  1. lol, thanks for sharing this Sharon. We plan to come to Dubuque when your Mom and Dad get settled into their condo. Would be nice to see you as well since I don't think I have seen you since 1968. Rod

  2. Rod, I KNOW we've seen each other since then. At least in 1983 when we visited LaCrosse and went to the meetings, but certainly on one of the many times we visited your mother, when we were on furlough and then after we moved back to the states!

  3. You are so blessed to have the love of your family! I always enjoy reading your posts.

  4. It sounds like there are a lot of really awesome things going on in your life right now :)



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