Thursday, December 31, 2015

10 Most Important Posts of 2015

Of course I think everything I write is important. I wouldn't bother posting it otherwise. Sometimes the posts I consider to be better, wiser, more significant, aren't as widely read as say, a recipe. I recognize that I go back to practical posts more often than wisdom posts, but I like to think that as I get older, and seek to know God and His Word better, that some of what I write will keep others from making mistakes I made and help them live their life purposefully. To that end, I have a collection of the posts I think are "most important" from 2015. 

  • How to Stop Procrastinating -- I'll start with a good New Year's post. We arbitrarily choose the beginning of the year for a new starts in everything from losing weight to taking up new hobbies. But sometimes, those little things that we'd like to become better at just don't happen. Here eight tips on how to get around to it.
  • People with Clean Houses -- You know those people who always seem to have clean houses, trimmed yards, back seats they don't have to unload to give others a ride? I had a revelation this year about how they do it.
  • Ten Habits of Families that Eat Together -- How do they do it? They have developed these habits and it happens. What's their secret? Take a look!
  • 16 Photos You Must Take -- My kids are out of the house (mostly), all grown up. There are so many memories of things we did together--reading so many books to them (even into their middle school years), doing chores, how they lounged while "studying", the bread store we stopped at every time we walked past. I don't have photos of these things. Cameras are with us all the time now and photos don't cost 50c a piece (film and developing) so take these pictures, you'll be glad you did!
  • 60 Conversation Starters -- When the family gets together, or friends, or new acquaintances, the conversation can range from superficial to critical. These conversation starters, set up for printable business cards, can help you get to know each other in lighthearted or deeper ways. Don't go out without some!
  • Start a Spiritual Conversation -- The best kind of conversation to start either to help edify yourself and another or to witness to an unbeliever is one that leads to talking about God. Here are forty-four ways to turn the conversation to a topic that is truly important borrowed from Chris Walker's blog "Evangelism Coach" (with permission).
  • 3 Ways to Stop a Gossip Fest -- Don't think conversation starters are helpful? Next time the guys or girls get together, use these "secrets" to keep them from just having a gossip fest!
  • Get Along at Get Togethers -- Whether your family has a grump, a gossip, or an arguer you can plan ways to get along when you gather. Here are six tried and true ways to help that along.
  • It Happens Every November -- Have you ever thought about the juxtaposition of Thanksgiving and Christmas? At one we profess gratitude and satisfaction and at the next we make lists of things we think we need to be happier. Take a minute to read this post and think about it. It will keep you from being the grump at your family gatherings if you put true thankfulness into practice.
  • 55 Bits of Wisdom -- And finally, everything else I have learned in 55 years of living! Humorous, helpful, and hopefully wise, you'll enjoy reading this list written on my birthday last year.

Have a Happy New Year!

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  1. I thought these were great post too! Looking forward to your 2016 ones.

    1. Thanks, Pamela. You are one of my most faithful readers!

    2. Thanks, Pamela. You are one of my most faithful readers!

  2. I haven't read them all but I really enjoyed the ones I did, and commented on them too. :)

    1. Thank you, Tamuria! I love it when people let me know they have read, and it's especially fulfilling when they like it!

  3. I just clicked on 4 more of these to read! They sound like a great, wide variety of topics too.



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