Thursday, January 21, 2016

How To Clean Your Room in 60 Seconds

Actually in less time than it will take to read this post you can clean your room! Not spotless, but taking the clutter out and making it presentable. 

Probably most of you who are reading this don't need this for yourself, but you may have kids...need I say more?

  1. Set a Timer -- Everyone has an electronic timer or a stopwatch on their phones. 60 seconds,  Go!
  2. Make the bed, 15 seconds -- pull up the sheets, blankets, bedspread, smooth. Put pillows in place.
  3. Dirty Clothes, 10 seconds -- grab all the dirty clothes that aren't in the dirty clothes bin and toss them there!
  4. Clean Clothes, 20 seconds -- any clean clothes that are lying around should be hung or quickly folded and put away
  5. Trash 10 seconds -- pick up anything to be thrown out (candy wrappers, a tag from new clothing, a used tissue) and put it in the waste basket.
  6. Close everything, 5 seconds -- run around and close all drawers and cupboard doors.
  7. DONE!
If your kids have trouble cleaning up their room, make this a game. Explain it, set a timer and challenge them to see how much they can get done in one minute. If they have a lot of clean clothes that need folding or hanging, or a lot of toys, books, and other activity things, switch "clean clothes" for "toys" and leave clean clothes for a second one minute challenge. Have a basket for toys or several for kinds of toys. 

Do this everyday with your kids. I know, that's easier said than done. I will admit, that I did not do this. The first day, it's going to take longer if there are games and puzzle pieces all around, so help with that. But if we could get them in the habit of racing around their rooms to clear the clutter, it could take only 60 seconds and all of us would be happier. 

And maybe, just maybe, they will get used to enjoying a neater room.

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