Thursday, May 5, 2016

Encouragement and a {Slightly} New Direction

In March, I was facing being gone for three weeks (that was not hard!) and needing to write posts ahead for my blog. I had very few ideas and little time to get it done. Suddenly it loomed ahead of me like a mountain to be scaled and I got discouraged.

Rather than half heartedly doing a few posts, I decided to just be honest. I can see how many are reading my blogs and there are about 100 per post. (A couple of posts have practically gone viral like this one with twenty questions for married couples that has had 29,000 views and been pinned on Pinterest over 7000 times!) But I was wondering if I was helping anyone, causing anyone to think through things, inspiring anyone to show love to their family through family meals, devotions, chores, manners, hospitality, and conversation? So I decided to ask.

A few people answered. Here's a sampling:

Definitely forgiven, Kim!
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Thanks, Anna. Those are the areas I have been trying to integrate into the blog, although some posts focus on just one of those areas.

Mitti, it's so encouraging to know that you didn't just think about it, but actually tried my ideas.

I love writing. I've loved having a "platform" for my ideas and thoughts and I plan to keep it up. 

One of my "problems" with writing about family mealtimes is I no longer have kids at home. (Well, one is back from finishing college and I'm in no rush to see her move out, but she is looking at apartments.) So I no longer have two, three, or four children at home, around my table at mealtimes like I did for so many years. So I don't have the stories that come with that. And I can't remember more than the ones I've already written about. That's where I would love some help from you. If you have children at home, I'd love to publish your stories in my blog. Just tell what happened at dinner one night! Here are my guidelines for writing a post.

Along with that, since I don't have new stories to tell, I thought that I would make some slight changes in the blog. 
  • Look for a new look! Coming soon we'll update the look and make it easier to read.
  • Around the Table! I will be sharing with you as though you were sitting with me at my table
    • devotional thoughts
    • ideas for meals
    • new recipes
    • questions I'm thinking through
    • what God is teaching me
I don't want it to be all about me, though. I want to keep that focus of integrating faith, family, friends, and food (and conversation!) We can say "fellowship" to keep it with "f's"! :-) So I want you to help. If you write to me with...
  • your ideas, 
  • your thoughts, 
  • your suggestions, 
  • your questions
...we'll have more to talk about! You can always leave a comment below or you can write directly to me through this link. I'd love to hear from you!

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For More Ideas and Inspiration:

Check out the book Around the Table: Connecting With Your Family at Mealtimes. You can read the first chapter at this site and order a copy of the book!

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  1. Your blog will turn out fine. Good thinking. We think folks get tired of reading us as we do get into a routine. I am always open to new ideas, just as long as I don't have to fool with new setting.

  2. Your blog is wonderful. Some weeks I do not get around to all of the ones I want to read but I try. Some weeks I do not get to write on my own blog because of other obligations but I think we all understand that issue. This is a great way to connect with others and I am amazed what people can share that helps so many others.

  3. Like the new direction that you are considering. It sounds great! . . . to everything there is a season :-)



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