Thursday, May 12, 2016

When is Monday better than Friday?

When my children were young I used to put a little note in their lunch every day. How I had the time and energy, I do not know! But I do remember that coming up with something to say every day was a challenge. 

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I could tell them I was praying for their test on the days they had tests. I could praise their hard work when they had been diligent doing homework the night before (actually, that night as I made their lunches the night before). I could send them a joke about once a week. Sometimes I sent a reminder about a question for the teacher or a paper to be turned into the office. But on Mondays I always wrote:

I did that because I was always excited to start a new week, to see what would be in the week. To see what God would do. To learn, plan, or do something new! Weekends are fun--and necessary--but real life is mostly what happens Monday through Friday. I wanted them to learn to appreciate the daily life that isn't necessarily what we want to do, but it is life. And when we have an expectant attitude we can learn.

So, is that when Monday is better than Friday? No, that's not what I meant completely.

You see, Friday is only two days away from Sunday and there's not a lot of time to plan for this most important day of the week. 
  • If you want clean clothes for church on Sunday, don't wait till Saturday night. 
  • If you teach a Sunday School class, preparations can't begin on Friday.
  •  If you want a special Sunday "dinner" (the midday meal), Friday isn't the best day to plan it.
  • If you are looking for volunteers for the church nursery, you'd better start calling earlier in the week.
  • If you want to truly worship God from your whole heart, you need to be talking to Him all seven days.
Monday is better than Friday because you have time to plan ahead, for the whole week and for Sunday.

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In fact, I think working backwards is the best way to get ready for Sunday, or any day! 

How do you work backwards? You calculate how much time you need to be ready for anything and subtract it from the time you need to be there. Let's use church as an example:

  • 9:30 a.m. Church starts; it takes 15 minutes to get in the car, drive, park and get inside, plus you don't want to walk in as the service starts so allow 5 minutes to say hello to people, get your bulletin and sit down that means at...
  • 9:10 Leave for church; it takes 30 minutes to make and eat breakfast and clean up so...
  • 8:40 Begin making breakfast; you need 30 minutes to shower, dress, do hair and make up and 30 minutes to dress the children therefore..
  • 7:40 Someone has to start getting dressed; you take 20 minutes to drink your second cup of coffee and read a devotional to prepare your heart so don't miss...
  • 7:20 Devotions; you take 20 minutes to drink your first cup of coffee and read the paper, that means...
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  • 7:10 Read paper; you take 10 minutes just to wake up and get the coffee and paper so be sure to have a...
  • 7:00 a.m. Alarm set; (or earlier if you want to leave some wiggle room for unplanned events!) you need 8 hours of sleep, so you need to...
  • 11:00 p.m. lights out.
But this only works if you have already worked backwards the night before or earlier in the week. What will you wear? What will your kids wear? Is it clean? Ironed? Are both shoes together? What is for breakfast? Do you have a menu planned? (Cereal and milk that you know you have on hand is a planned menu.)

I work a little further backwards as I always have four generations over for Sunday "dinner" so I either need to get up a little earlier or put everything in the slow-cooker the night before. Sometimes I even have the leaves in the table and once in a while I follow my mother's example of having the table set on Saturday night. (But she did have a dining room table and a kitchen table and I only have one.)

Working backwards works for everything you need to do. If you allow enough time, you are never rushing out the door at the last minute and driving too fast and recklessly to get somewhere out of breath and in a fluster having left your lunch and phone sitting on the counter!

I wish I could say that I always work backwards like clockwork, but I don't . However, whenever I do, things go so much more smoothly. So when I do laundry on Monday so that I will have clean clothes on Sunday, that's when Monday is better than Friday.

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  1. like the look of your blog. and your basic premise: there can't be too much positive communication with our kids--grown or otherwise.

    1. Thanks! I hope it helps families connect!

  2. Great post packed with lots of good advice!

    1. Sometimes the simplest things turn out to be so practical!

  3. Your blog looks great! And I love the idea of getting ready for everything days in advance. (If only I would do that more often!)

    1. I think most of us need to work on that!

  4. So many great tips to "work backwards". Encourages me to step my game up earlier in the week so my mornings are not so rushed. Thanks! I am your neighbor at Whole Hearted Wednesday :)

    1. So happy to be able to encourage! I found I wasn't mad at myself if I just got up and did things early enough! (And if I'm not angry with myself, I don't take it out on others!)



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