Thursday, August 4, 2016

I'm Happy in My House

I enjoy watching HGTV, especially where they redecorate or fix up a house. I like to see what they do and what they think is going to "pop". What amazes me is how people can think it is a good idea to make almost everything white in a house that will have real, live children living in it! And then they repurpose old, rough boards and sharp metal objects for the same house. 

My house will never be the "after" picture in a decorating "reveal", but I'm happy with it. Maybe I'm simple and that's why simple things give me joy; here are some things that have made me happy in my house recently.

Flowers -- In the spring we went to the Farmer's Market in town and bought some beautiful annuals from an Amish stand. Looking out my window at these flowers all summer has made me smile.

Coffee table decor -- For a long time I had very little on my coffee table. If I happened to have fresh flowers, I would put them there. Otherwise I plopped a decorative bowl inherited from my husband's uncle in the middle. But I noticed that in magazines and on TV the coffee tables looked so much...better. So I started Googling how to decorate a coffee table. I finally found out that you need to search for "coffee table vignettes". I discovered that there are actually formulas to make it look nice. Briefly they are:

  1. Color scheme--choose one that matches or complements the room.
  2. Books--several interesting books that match the color scheme
  3. Tray--group other items on a tray to give it cohesiveness and not just look like things you plunked together
  4. Something tall--gives varying heights and interest
  5. Something natural--adds life
  6. Something quirky--conversation piece
  7. Something personal--make it yours
  8. A candle
What you choose can meet several objectives (like a tall candle) and you don't have to have everything every time you change it. Here's what I have right now:

One thing I like about this is the repurposed picture frame as a tray. I went to Goodwill to find a tray and found this beautiful frame. I bought the handles and my husband attached them to make it look more like a tray and less like, well, a picture frame! I'm actually quite proud of this "vignette"!

Kitchen sign -- While searching for a new door sign I came across this that so aptly sums up my family meal philosophy. Bonuses: it was half price and matches my summer Americana shelf decor!

Clean cupboards -- I used mineral oil on my kitchen cupboards and they looked great...for a few days. Then the dirt would start to show through again. I turned to Google again and found this explanation of how to really clean my cupboards. It was a lot of work, but it was definitely worth it. (I also researched why Dawn detergent. Because it has ammonia which cuts the grease.) This has made me ridiculously happy.

House wrens -- When my in-laws moved into a retirement community I inherited their wren house. Every summer I have one or two broods. The father sings so beautifully and I love to watch as he tries to sell his mate on the house, they build the nest, protect it, feed the young, and this year, for only the second time, I got to watch the babies fledge. 

After the babies are gone, the father doesn't stay around singing any more and I get a new appreciation for an "empty nest."

New paint on the walls -- My husband and I are notoriously poor choosers when it comes to paint colors. Case in point: we have repainted our bedroom 6 times in the 8 years we have lived here! (And by "we" I mean "he".) When we moved in the living room/hall/kitchen had a nice color scheme of red accent wall, olive green accent wall, and taupe. This summer we decided the olive green had to go as it made the entry too dark, and the taupe with green undertones would have to leave with it. Eight cans of sample paint later, we came up with colors we liked and while I was at my daughter's helping with her new baby last month, he painted. We love the room-brightening results. These are before and after pictures.

Our Granddaughter's Visit -- (This is the best of all!) For the first time, we got to have a grandchild all to ourselves for three and a half days. What fun! When she saw her daddy again he asked if she had missed them, the five year old told him, "No, Daddy. I told you, I would be having too much fun to miss you!" (But the night before going home she was so excited about scaring her brothers with her mask that she could hardly settle down to sleep, so I know she was glad to get back to family, too.)

Some of my last posts have been intense, at least for me writing them. The topics are ones I feel very strongly about. But I also enjoy little things and try to take the time to thank God for everything in my life and to notice all His hand provides. So today, I decided to share some of these with you. Thanks for reading.

What have you thanked God for recently?

And I did get a new sign for my door.
Very appropriate, wouldn't you say?

*  *  *  *  *

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  1. I love some of your ideas! Especially the cabinets. I am going to get my husband on it immediately! :)

    1. Glad I could help! My husband does tons of stuff, but I do the kitchen cabinets and get such satisfaction out of it that it is ridiculous! :-)

  2. Love the ideas. Your coffee table & home looks so nice. Thanks for sharing at the #InspiraitonSpotlight party. See you again soon. Hope your having a nice summer btw!

    1. Thanks, Theresa. I have fun making my house look nice. I'm so glad my husband believes in doing things to enjoy your house while you live in it instead of just fixing it up to sell. Our home is our sanctuary for us and all who come in.

  3. Love the things that make you happy in your home and I can see why they do! Your coffee table vignettes are lovely. I am now an empty nester and when my living room sofa fabric showed up in Fixer Upper's "before" Instagram feed, I did break down and by light neutral slipcovers! ��

    1. I hope you got great joy out of your new slipcovers. Fixer Upper really likes the light and neutral colors!



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