Thursday, December 29, 2016

7 Best Posts of 2016

Looking back over this year of blogging, sometimes the posts I felt were most important didn't get the most hits. So I'm giving them another chance. If you missed any of these, take time read them now. These are the tips that help me most and the thoughts that have changed me the most. 

I started the year with a post about How to Clean Your Room in 60 Seconds or Less. Obviously, the room is not going to be spotless, but if your mother-in-law just pulled into your driveway, or you just want your son to make his room a place you can walk into, these tips will help you!

In May I did a post to help me (and others) not procrastinate, to get things done with time to spare so we don't get speeding tickets! What's the relation between procrastination and speeding tickets? Read here

Through a conversation with a friend, I came to think about both trials and blessings in light of eternity. This actually led to talks at women's retreats in both Colombia and Singapore! How do you hold onto your blessings and trials? How do they hold onto you?

I have a philosophy about how to draw closer to people:
Each step progressively draws you closer together. Obviously the most fun is laughing together, but in a way, they are all wonderful.

What do you pray for the most? So often it is everybody's ailments. But we need to go beyond that. I talked about that in this post, Praying for What We Cannot See.

I have an aunt who said, "Christians are strange people. We will spend our last dollar trying to stay out of heaven." Why is that? What is heaven? I thought it was worth thinking about in this post.

Finally, I came up with 9 ways plus a bonus on how to simplify your life. Each way seems like a contradiction of the previous one, but all are valid and least to me! I hope they help you.

I hope my musings help you live your life today and all through the coming year.

Happy New Year!
I look forward to being with you throughout 2017!

*   *   *   *   *

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