Thursday, July 20, 2017

Changing the Culture at the Kitchen Table--An Interview with Amber

What are mealtimes like in "real" households? People work at actually having meals together in families of every size. When is the best time to start having regular family meals? Tonight!

Here's what my blogging acquaintance, Amber Durgan, says about family meals with her young family.

Tell me who is around your table:
My husband, our 20 month old son, and myself. We are Christians and love the Lord first, each other second. My husband, Lance, and I take turns praying before meals. He is an engineer (and rancher, we have a family ranch) and I am a stay at home momma to our toddler boy, who is adventurous and loves all things boy!

If I came to your house for a meal, what unique thing would I notice?
Not that this is good, but right now the only way to get our toddler to eat is to play Winnie the Pooh for him. We only eat beef raised by our family, too.

How do you handle people using their cellphones during meals?
We really do our best to have the TV and cellphones off at the table. People who come over generally just follow suit when they see what we do. I've never asked anyone to not use their phone at the table.

What is your go-to meal these days?
I am a person who needs variety so we do not have go to meals, unless it is for our toddler who loves full fat Greek yogurt and non-sweetened applesauce together.

If you could bottle anything and spray it over your table, what would it be?
Relationship. I think the table is a great place for conversation and for fostering relationship with each other. I believe we can change the culture at the kitchen table.

What would be the best compliment you could receive about your mealtimes?
That whoever was at my table felt like they had grown in the Lord and in relationship with us.

What is one invention you would like to see to make mealtimes easier?
Something that completely does the dishes--ha ha!--it takes so long.

Finish this sentence: My ideal dinner would include
all the people I love most coming together in community to eat delicious food and grow in our love for the Lord and each other.

How do you bring Christ to your table?
We pray and often talk about Christ. We need to do it more.

Amber is the wife of four years to an engineer-rancher husband and a stay at home momma to their toddler-boy. She loves Jesus first and foremost, family next and this beautiful-crazy life we have been given. You can read her blog at

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