Thursday, July 27, 2017

Thrift Store Candle Holders

If you know me, you know I like centerpieces on my table. Something you might not know about me is that I love the idea of repurposing things and having an upcycled item that looks good in my house.

This time it started with wanting better candles on my dresser. I had a pretty plate with three candles plunked on it. It wasn't working. So I was trying to figure out what I could do to make something pretty. This led to some time on Pinterest. From there I took a detour on my grocery shopping trip to our local thrift store. Without realizing it, I hit their fifty percent off day! I bought a few glass items (photo 1) and the next day I started playing around.

I washed and dried the items well, so I wouldn't be painting over spots. Then I tied twine around one of the glasses and the frame--which I had cut the picture out of and taped over the glass as I wanted it clear (2). On the frame I had to tape the twine on the back to keep it where I wanted (3). Some of the glasses I randomly placed rubber bands around (4). Then I spray painted everything lightly with one coat of "hammered" gold spray paint that I had left over from a previous project (5). 

I ended up with some pretty candle holders (6), not only for my dresser, but for our table and the coffee table vignette. The first time I used them was in our back yard at a bonfire we invited some neighbors to. We had a great evening visiting, even though no one asked me about my adorable candle holders. 

I get a lot of joy out of doing a project that ends up looking nice and costing very little and I love having candles around, especially on my table. They add so much to the atmosphere at mealtime.

What have you upcycled or crafted recently?

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  1. CUTISIMOS!! Cute yet elegant at the same time. Babushka will definitely be doing something like this soon. Here from the Grand Social, Gracias for the inspiration. BB2U



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