Thursday, August 24, 2017

This Week In My House

This week my house is quiet. My daughter and her 13 month old daughter were here for a month. We had lots of family get togethers and a week at the lake with all 16 of us, three of whom are 1 year old! So yes, this week at my house it is quiet.

What else is going on?

Our 35th Anniversary
By the grace of God we have been married for 35 years! My husband gave me these two roses to commemorate the day and here they are over a week and a half old, still in all their beauty. As is our love for each other.

I decided I wanted water goblets to dress up our table so that has entailed several visits to our local thrift store and I have found two different kinds in sets of four. I'm pretty excited. I plan to mix and match when I need more than four. See how great they look?

I decided I wanted to look through my old journals. This is only about the last 20 years worth. I'm afraid I have another 20 years worth somewhere in the attic. I love getting a new journal. When I get one I want the old one to be done so I can start scribbling in the next. But I don't find them very interesting to read. I write my thoughts during my Quiet Times with the Lord, so they aren't what I did, but what I learned. That would be okay, but I'm usually fairly cryptic and then I don't have any idea of the context or full meaning. It's just that if I don't write it, I feel like I haven't actually thought it. I should probably get rid of these, but they might or might not go back into the attic. Maybe my kids will feel guilty about throwing them out one day!

Zulu Door Knocker
My in-laws were missionaries to the Zulus in South Africa for 25 years, where my husband and his siblings were born and grew up. When they moved back to this country to teach at Emmaus Bible College, they brought their Zulu head door knocker with them and it graced the front doors of the three homes they had before they moved to a retirement community. Six years ago when the moved they gave it to us. It sat by the front door for a while and in various drawers. The other day it appeared again and I decided it was beautiful and we needed to use it somehow. Our door is not one we can put a knocker on, so this is what we came up with. I love the way it turned out.

All things Asian (well some anyway)
One night we hosted a Korean brother and sister, who grew up with missionary parents in Cambodia, the day before they could move into their college dorm. To attempt to make them feel more at home I put out my Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Burmese knick-knacks, some seen here in my most recent coffee table vignette.

So what's going on in your house this week?

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  1. Love that door knocker. I have a couple of beautiful ones that have never been on a door - I don't have the right door - and I've always meant to do something with them. Thanks for the inspiration. And happy anniversary!



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