Thursday, September 7, 2017

Budding Photographer

Taking pictures is so much more fun now than it was before digital cameras. You get to see them right away, you can take tons and it doesn't cost any more than taking a few, you can pick which ones you want to print or post and delete the "shabbies" as they were known in my husband's family.

Before we went to the mission field my husband worked in a camera store and had a side job of wedding photography. That gene has been passed on to our kids and our youngest, Christina, is starting to do photo shoots. We got to be one of her "clients" to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. 

It was really fun to walk around downtown on a quiet Saturday afternoon and find fun places and poses for the pictures. She had a lot of great ideas. 

At one point we were trying to take a picture in the middle of the old street car tracks, but cars kept coming up the road. We finally gave up and walked to the side when one car slowed down, opened his window and said, "That's a great shot! Don't give up!" We're glad now we didn't!

Christina posted these photos and more on her blog with a quote from First Corinthians 13 as a tribute to our marriage.

It's an honor to have your children see you as an example of love and marriage. Not that we've been perfect partners, but we do strive to follow the principles God has set up to make a marriage work.

So often we think we marry someone to make us happy, and I probably thought that to a degree before we married (and, to be honest, have acted like I thought that at times since) but we don't. We marry someone to serve them, to love them, and to serve others together. 

Jim and I are grateful for the example we have in our parents' marriages--married now 67 and 62 years!

And we pray for our children's marriages--and have prayed for them since they were babies--to honor God in the same way.

To see the rest of the pictures Christina posted, go to her blog post at My Cup of Ginger Tea.

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  1. I saw her post and thought it was a great idea to do pictures as a couple and not just as engagement or wedding photos.

  2. What beautiful photos!! And what a great reminder on the purpose of marriage. My husband and I are about to celebrate 10 years :) It's great to take stock and thank God.



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