Wednesday, March 28, 2018

True New Life and Freedom For Refugees

I got so excited recently reading about a work with refugees in Greece that I was ready to jump on a plane! Then I wondered why there aren't hundreds of people wanting to be there and see God at work.

Here is some of what I learned:
  • Athens is a gateway city on the refugee highway into Europe as a constant flow of Afghani, Iraqi, Iranian, Pakistani, Sudanese, and Syrian refugees risk their lives to get there. As they flee war-torn countries in life-threatening journeys they hope to find new lives and freedom in Europe.  
  • In Greece, their hopes are dashed as they find they are not welcome, have no opportunities for work, and own nothing more than they carried.
  • There are ministries in Athens that seek to fulfill the gospel imperative to love their neighbor by providing basic human necessities for these refugees: clothes, healthcare, laundry services, meals, and showers, all the while presenting the gospel.
  • At any one time there are 50,000 to 70,000 refugees living in Athens, with an endless stream of new ones arriving daily.

Who can go to help?
Anyone who can:
  • assist during mealtimes--cooking, serving, or cleaning up
  • do childcare during meals and Bible studies
  • teach English, German, or Greek as a second language
  • escort refugees to appointments at clinics and hospitals or to do their paperwork at various government offices
  • help with trauma care and prayer
  • do Bible teaching and discipleship with new believers
  • who has two weeks to as long as they can stay to give to this ministry

Yes! New believers who have truly found new life and freedom. Did you know that 50% of Muslims who come to Christ, do so in part because of the love shown to them by Christians?

There are many groups reaching out to these people as they partner with Athens based ministries. One group is based from a German Bible School, Weidenest. Take a look at their short video by clicking here

Why not look at this at dinner with your family? Then ask your children some questions like these:

  • Can you imagine a situation would make us have to leave almost everything we own and our home and take a dangerous journey to another country where we don't speak the language and don't know anyone?
  • What do you think these people feel when they leave home?
  • How would you feel arriving in the new country?
  • What would be some of things you would need right away in the new place?
  • What could be one good thing about this whole situation?
  • Can you think of any way we can help them?

The prayer request of Jesus is applicable here:

God is using this flow of refugees to bring the world's largest unevangelized people groups to a place where they have needs that we can meet, and they are free from many of the constraints of their cultures at home which allows them to listen to the gospel message!  Pray that the Lord will send people to help these refugees and show them the love of Christ. And please pray that thousands will come to know the Lord! 

As you pray for the Lord to send workers, 
be prepared to have your life changed.

For more information on going to Athens with the people from Weidenest, write to this email. (And don't worry, Germans are smart. The people you will be in contact with speak and write perfect English!)

Another Option! After reading this post, my daughter who has refugees close to her heart, also told me about this ministry option: "Servant Group International also serves refugees, not only in Athens but also in Nashville and Iraq! You could literally choose how far you want to go! Click here for their website."

Did you know?
Emmaus International, the ministry we travel with to train, encourage, and challenge people to study the Word of God, has an app designed for refugees? If you know a refugee who would like to study the Bible in their own language, it's likely that there are Emmaus Bible courses in the app that they can use for free on their phone. Help them go to their app store and look for "Bible Study" with the Emmaus logo and download the app to get them started right away! For more information contact my husband at this email.

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This week's hack comes from Lynn: Hospitality! We have had so many people over, and it makes it fun because the kids want to hear the ‘adult conversation’ and hear their stories. As they get older, allowing them to invite their friends helps, too! I remember a time we sat down at the table, and my daughter looked around and asked, ‘where is everybody?’ It was just our family that night. 

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  1. What a fantastic opportunity! My husband and I were just talking about doing more short-term missions in the fall when our girl heads to college



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